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Top Best Dog Movies for Dog Lovers on Netflix

In films, furry stars are a rare phenomenon. Nobody can deny their existence or the volume of cuteness they give to the screen, though. From tragic to super-adventurous, the story has it all. Nobody ever said, “Humans are superior to dogs.” Only those who have experienced a dog’s unconditional affection and devotion will fully understand it. Every now and then, a dog film is released; it may be action-packed or a family drama, but all of these dog films demonstrate the incredible abilities of dogs and demonstrate why they are recognised as “a man’s best friend.”

If you have a puppy, you appreciate what it’s like to cuddle with your fuzzy little closest buddy, and what’s even cooler is cuddling with that furry friend while watching a film about other comfy warm creatures who remind you how lucky you are to have such a privilege in your life. We swear the planet would be a much happier place if only we could take our dogs wherever we wanted without any limits, but alas, that is not the case. As a result, we are unable to take our dogs to the movies. However, if we are unable to take our dogs to the cinema, we should carry the movies to them. As we have Netflix movies now, this can happen.

Top Movies for Dog Lovers (2021)

Does picking a Netflix show feel like a chore in and of itself? There are so many options to choose from that a half-hour has elapsed and you’ve not decided what to watch. When something happens to dog lovers, they go back to their old habits and look for something to do with dogs. Dogs make things right, even movies, in my opinion. And, thankfully, Netflix has a plethora of excellent options. Here are some top listed movies for dog lovers.

1. Benji Off The Leash (2004)

Dog Film on Netflix - Benji Off The Leash (2004)Benji Off The Leash is a touching tale about a young dog who is rescued from his estranged father by a young child. With the love and devotion of the little boy who protects him, the infant grows up into becoming Benji, a prototype hero. Benji, on the other hand, has a mission to complete: to save his mom from irresponsible breeding and death. Benji forms an alliance with Lizard Tongue, a street dog, and the two work together just to shield Benji’s mother from an abusive person who is threatening to assassinate her. They tackle any obstacle along the way, including two police dogs, in order to stay alive and change the world because Benji is no longer on a chain.

2. Pet Fooled (2016)

Dog Movie on Netflix - Pet Fooled (2016)‘Pet Fooled’ isn’t like the other movies on this chart. This is a big eye-opening movie about the tainted pet food sector, not a touching dramatic film. We’re gradually realising how commercial exploitation has harmed our lives, but do we ever consider how falsely marketed “good” pet food items could be harming our pets’ lives? No, not until there isn’t any. Because of all the truths it shares, this film will irritate you at moments, but it will undoubtedly broaden your horizons to the evil side of the commercial animal feed industry. This will also assist you in determining which foods are suitable for your animals and which foods should be completely avoided. Shiny, alluring tags, which are often misleading, conceal a number of major defects in their goods.

3. Beverly Hill Chihuahua: Viva La Fiesta! (2012)

Dog Film on Netflix - Beverly Hill Chihuahua: Viva La Fiesta! (2012)This Netflix movie is about a pack of talking dogs. These movies are most likely created for youngsters because the pets in this one can talk and perform other complex jobs, which would be amusing for small children who love watching dog movies on Netflix for no other reason than to watch them. While it is not among the greatest movies on the list, this is the kind of movie that will keep your kids amused.

4. Hotel For Dogs (2009)

Dog Movie on Netflix - Hotel For Dogs (2009)The movie ‘Hotel for Dogs’ is all about a hotel that is exclusively devoted to dogs, but it isn’t as simple as it may seem. It all starts when Andy and Bruce, two siblings, find love with a homeless dog named Friday. Owing to their adoptive home’s stringent no-pets policy, they seem unable to take Friday home. As a consequence, they plan to place him in a deserted hotel nearby so that he can re-enter society. As a result, they decide to house him in a nearby deserted hotel, which Bruce re-engineers into a comprehensive dog hotel. Friday isn’t the only dog who has decided to make the motel their home. Many other dogs tend to reside there. Nevertheless, the location’s constant barking and other disturbances start to arouse suspicion in the neighbourhood. To solve the problem and maintain the peace, Bruce and Andi must collaborate jointly. Bruce and Andi must work together to solve the issue while keeping their secret hidden from the elders and the community pound.

5. Balto (1995)

Dog Film on Netflix - Balto (1995)At moments, dogs can be brave champions, trying very hard to save the lives of those they love. Balto, a half-husky, half-wolf, risks his life to keep an outbreak from spreading through the city of Nome, and he does so not only for his family, but for the entire region. The film does an outstanding job of conveying the true nature of a faithful dog and comes highly recommended. This is one of the best dog movies on netflix.

6. Benji (1974)

Dog Movie on Netflix - Benji (1974)The first installment of the ‘Benji’ franchise is amazing. The storyline is simple: it tells the story of Benji, a dog who enjoys his independence without a master and meets everyone in the community. When some of Benji’s friends are kidnapped, he attempts to solve the case himself and discovers the criminal’s plan to locate the kids and justify his fidelity. This film has a tendency to deliver both happy and sad tears. For all dog lovers out there, this is a must-see. This film has a tendency to deliver both happy and sad tears. This is a must-see movie for dog lovers.

7. The Champions (2015)

Dog Film on Netflix - The Champions (2015)Former NFL quarterback Michael Vick was a member of an unofficial dog fighting ring where animals were beaten and tortured if they didn’t attack in their games, according to the film. Vick was only imprisoned for a brief period of time for this crime, so the film starts by showing how manipulative a man can be at points but still get away with it. Owing to the confusion, 50 pit bulls were abandoned behind, and PETA dubbed them “deathtraps” because they were so distressed by the events. These puppies, on the other hand, were given an opportunity at life because they earned it. The film follows their growth from the day they are taken in until they become great buddies, as well as how they encourage everyone around them.

8. For The Love Of Benji (1977)

Dog Movie on Netflix - For The Love Of Benji (1977)The ‘Benji’ series were a smash hit in the 1970s, and it’s easy to see why once you watch them. Since this puppy is incredibly charismatic and adorable, you might call him a “Adorbs Pupper.” Your soul would melt just staring at the little dog running around and doing what he’s told. Benji grabs out a bogus CIA agent and finally wins everyone else’s heart in this cute little chapter of the ‘Benji’ movies. Another of the best good dog movies on netflix you can stream with your friends is this one.

9. A Dog Walker’s Christmas Tale (2015)

Dog Film on Netflix - A Dog Walker’s Christmas Tale (2015)The plot of this film depicts the adventures of a 21-year-old female who relocates to a modern town and is forced to work as a dog walker for a wealthy developer. She sees a spa and cafe being constructed on the site of a nearby pet store while walking the dog one day. She is initially ecstatic about it, but once she becomes mates with another person who is also a dog trainer and detests those who want to demolish the dog park for a spa, she begins to doubt her own emotions. The girl has put her pride aside and banded together with her newfound friends to fight back against those attempting to ruin the area and save it until Christmas.

10. Beverly Hill Chihuahua (2009)

Dog Movie on Netflix - Beverly Hill Chihuahua (2009)It’s one of those movies for dog lovers in which the dogs can actually communicate. By chat, I mean actually speaking in English, which can be a little strange at times but also eliminates the presence of human actors from the film, so it all works out, doesn’t it? During a holiday with her trainer in Mexico City, a speaking posh and privileged Chihuahua gets forgotten. This Netflix movie follows the journey of a dog who is trying to find her way back home and meets other dogs all along the way who will most likely become lifelong companions. If you’re comfortable with dogs having real conversations with people, then you’ll enjoy this exciting film about a missing dog’s road home.

11. Turner And Hooch (1989)

Dog Film on Netflix - Turner And Hooch (1989)The film, starring Tom Hanks, follows Detective Scott Turner, who leads a routine and organised life until one day he is tasked with investigating a murder case in which the only eyewitness is a vicious dog named Hooch. Turner’s existence is thrown totally out of whack as he assumes the dog’s duties and, over time, forms a connection with him. What else could you ask for when you have Tom Hanks and a puppy in the very same dog movie on Netflix?

12. Super Buddies (2013)

Dog Movie on Netflix - Super Buddies (2013)It all began with the movie “Air Bud,” which influenced all of us as children, it is one of the best talking dog movies ever. After seeing a story about how a dog gives pleasure to everyone around him. One of the many films in the Air Bud collection is ‘Super Buddies.’ This one describes the magical tale of five dogs who each have their own special abilities. They save the universe by preventing a power-hungry extraterrestrial being, using their great powers. With years, the ‘Air Bud’ series lost its allure. However, for people who have been tracking the series from the beginning, this is still a fun film.

13. White Fang (2018)

Dog Film on Netflix - White Fang (2018)White Fang is a screen adaptation of Jack London’s classic novel of the same name. It follows the exploits of a wolf-dog as he lives with three separate bosses. The tale of White Fang has moved many hearts over the years, and it will continue to do so in the future. The aesthetics in this film version of the story are excellent, linking you to the main protagonist and the exquisite soundtrack. ‘White Fang’ is a film for adults as well as children, and it will bring you on the brink of floods of tears.

14. 101 Dalmatians (1996)

Dog Movie on Netflix - 101 Dalmatians (1996)After a strange twist of fate, a depressed game artist named Roger meets Anita, a stunning fashion photographer, in a dog park. Soon after, the two fall in affection and marry, and Perdita, Anita’s dog, becomes pregnant with Roger’s dog, both of whom are dalmatians. All seems to be in order before Anita’s wicked and glamorous boss abducts all of the dogs in order to make a jacket out of their beautiful fur. But the dogs quickly figure out Cruella’s plans, and they devise their own scheme against Cruella. Live-action adaptations of original cartoon characters don’t always succeed, but this one does. It isn’t just as good as the animated movie, but it’ll make you believe that this live-action film is much superior to the prototype.

15. Benji (2018)

Dog Film on Netflix - Benji (2018)You’re wondering exactly if this is a compilation of dog films or just Benji movies at this point. Apologies, but we just can’t get enough of adorable little mystery-solving puppies, and Hollywood obviously can’t too, since they keep making remakes of it for the last few years. This film’s plot is somewhat comparable to the first one, which was released in the early 1970s. Benji meets two young children and then sets out to save them once they are abducted. While this is a recreation of a classic, it strives to move you almost as much as the prototype and will certainly have you weeping.


If you are depressed, tired, or feeling lonely, dogs can be your lifesaver. They are the cutest little animals God has created for you. If you do not have a pet, hop on to some amazing Netflix movies. Whether it’s The Benji or The Dalmatians, various dog movies will enlighten your mood and cheer you up. Have a look at the dozen movies for dog lovers available on Netflix. You can also stream with your friends and family as such films make for great quality time. Watch together and have a blast at your home.

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