Women Health

Postpartum Depression: A New Mom’s Mental Health

Ipsita Sinha
The birth of your baby is the happiest moment that you have experienced in your life. But, initially, being a new mother brings a panel of challenges. An overdose of powerful emotions ranging from excitement, joy, anxiety, fear, and sadness overpowers a mother’s mental health....
Women Health

Pregnancy: Indian Diet Food Plan Chart month by month

Ipsita Sinha
Congratulations! The day has arrived when you are going to ride the journey of your pregnancy. Feel the excitement and thrill inside you and celebrate the joy with your family. Now that you are pregnant, apart from being excited, you need to focus on your...
Women Health

Menstruation in India is still taboo!

Dimple Anmol Rastogi
India is a country where women are still considered as dirty and impure during their menstruation. So, we definitely need to raise awareness regarding this issue and break all myths and taboos. Periods should not be something we ashamed of or something we need to...
Mental Health

Loneliness during Covid-19 Pandemic: Useful Tips and Advice

Hardika Jain
These rooms got a lot of space crowded but a lonely place. We are all at our own pace. This forced physical isolation has made our minds haze! Lockdown and corona have made us all drift away from our friends and family and confiscated to...