Women Health

Some Common Misconceptions About Pregnancy

Aastha Negi
For young feminists, science and innovation have changed the way they perceive pregnancy. Predictive medical testing can reveal your child’s gender, the quantity of fluid in your womb, your toddler’s weight before delivery, and many other details. Why would parents support prenatal counsel from friends...
Buying Guide Health

Top Rated Best Air Purifiers to Buy in India in 2021

Nidhi Gupta
Human has reached as far as Moon and Mars; but to the detriment of Earth’s atmosphere. Mankind has ruined the air to breathe on the appellation of advancement in technology. Air has been contaminated due to smoke particles, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), combustion products, pesticides,...
Mental Health Technology

Social Media Addiction: Negative Effects on Mental and Physical Health

Karuna Yash Bhartendra
Excessive use of social media sites result insomnia, isolation and hurts self-esteem Social Media is a very popular tool that facilitates people to get connected with their friends and family. It allows people to create and share content in the form of messages, photographs, audio...