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New normals in Schools & Colleges !!!

Poornima Singh
Our Reality Even with Unlock – 4 guidelines, the education sector has not been viz-a-viz NEW NORMALS. We all can guess it won’t happen so soon, safety of children being the topmost concern. Ensuring the safety of children is one of the biggest challenges in...
Kids Parenting

How to Celebrate your Kids Birthday during Corona Time?

Ipsita Sinha
Are you concerned about the fact that your child’s birthday is nearby? The country is still under the Coronavirus pandemic, so arranging a grand birthday party with many guests is impossible. In this corona time, we all are forced to stay at home and take...
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How do you educate teens about the danger of alcohol and drug abuse?

Ipsita Sinha
Drug and alcohol addiction is a grave problem among teens around the world. Children should be taught about the danger of alcohol and drug abuse from a very young age. Parents should be aware of the fact that children are vulnerable. They can get easily...