Technology Buying Guide

Best Gaming Phone under 15000 to Buy in 2022

Aastha Negi
Video gaming can significantly raise the grey matter and enhance cognitive interconnection. It’s no surprise that the smartphone gaming industry is increasing. Console phones have broken the record and generated massive revenue. According to studies, mobile game players downloaded a whopping number of games, estimated...
Healthcare Technology

Types of Telemedicine App development Software Technologies & Platforms

Sandeep Verma
What is telemedicine software? The health care technology connects the patient and the healthcare provider through secure video/audio conferencing and exchanges the health-related information. Telemedicine software is a health care technology that provides remote clinical health solutions to patients. The Healthcare industry has developed immensely...
Mental Health Healthcare Technology

Telepsychiatry: Handling Effectively the Serious Mental Illness of Schizophrenia

Sandeep Verma
There is rapid growth the mental health disorders globally and there is a lack of mental healthcare providers. A large population portion is affected by neurological disorders but very few get the right treatment. The unavailability of psychiatric specialists especially in remote areas is also...
Kids Technology

Best Parenting Control Apps to Control Your Child’s Phone

Priyanka Patil
Parenting is not an easy task. As the world is becoming more and more technology-driven, monitoring children and the kind of content they view is becoming difficult. Today, even a 5-year-old child can understand and operate a mobile phone with ease. Kids today prefer mobile...
Mental Health Technology

Social Media Addiction: Negative Effects on Mental and Physical Health

Karuna Yash Bhartendra
Excessive use of social media sites result insomnia, isolation and hurts self-esteem Social Media is a very popular tool that facilitates people to get connected with their friends and family. It allows people to create and share content in the form of messages, photographs, audio...