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LG Unveils MoodUPTM Refrigerator, Blending Style and Technology in Collaboration with Gauri and Nainika

LG Electronics, a prominent player in the consumer durable segment, unveiled its latest offering – the LG Objet Collection featuring the MoodUPTM Refrigerator, at India’s esteemed fashion event, Lakme Fashion Week, in collaboration with renowned fashion designers Gauri and Nainika. This groundbreaking product not only reflects individual moods and personalities but also adds a touch of luxury and vibrancy to everyday life.

The LG MoodUPTM Refrigerator, a marvel of technology and design, redefines the concept of customization with its LED panels that allow users to change colors based on mood, creating a personalized ambiance at home. Crafted to seamlessly blend style and functionality, the refrigerator boasts a sleek and sophisticated design, elevating the aesthetic appeal of any kitchen space.

Hwang Youngmin, Director Home Appliances & Air Conditioner – LG Electronics India, expressed excitement about the launch, stating, “The MoodUPTM French Door Refrigerator perfectly embodies our shared vision – vibrant, bold, and full of life. It reflects LG’s commitment to meeting the evolving needs of Indian consumers by blending style with cutting-edge technology.”

Gauri and Nainika, the acclaimed fashion designer duo, echoed similar sentiments, highlighting the synergy between their aesthetics and LG’s innovative design. They emphasized the seamless integration of innovation and sophistication in both the refrigerator and their Fall Winter 2024 collection.

Bollywood actress Taapsee Pannu, who graced the event as the showstopper, shared her exhilarating experience, praising the collaboration between LG and Gauri and Nainika. She commended the refrigerator’s vibrant colors and innovative features, likening it to the fusion of style and technology celebrated in the fashion industry.

The LG MoodUPTM Refrigerator offers a staggering 1.7 lakh+ color combinations, allowing users to set the vibe of their space according to their preferences. Its InstaView feature and built-in Bluetooth speaker further enhance the user experience, offering convenience and entertainment in one package.

With advanced technologies like Smart Color Alarm, Door Cooling+, and Hygiene Fresh+, the refrigerator ensures optimal food preservation, convenience, and safety. Seamlessly integrated with LG ThinQ™, it enables remote control and monitoring, providing users with peace of mind.

Priced at INR Rs. 4,49,999, the LG MoodUPTM Refrigerator is now available in India, offering consumers the perfect blend of style and functionality. This launch reaffirms LG’s commitment to delivering innovative solutions tailored to the needs of Indian consumers, transcending the boundaries of traditional kitchen appliances.

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