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Top Most Essential Small Appliances for Indian Kitchen

Nidhi Gupta
Looking for the basic list of must-have appliances for the Indian kitchen? Indian cooking demands some simple yet essential tools and gadgets. Indian kitchen has been considered as most occupied space in a house across the globe. Vegetables and flat breads (chapatti) are cooked in...

Indoor plants for home that are easy to care

Ipsita Sinha
You might have tried growing your garden at home, but unfortunately, it may have turned into wilting, yellowish, and embarrassing for you. Here, you will now feel more confident when you understand the secret of simple indoor gardening with these durable and easy-to-grow plants. And,...
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Are there any risk of Coronavirus spread using air-conditioning ?

India, like the rest of the world, is facing the harmful effects of COVID-19. A lot of concerns have been raised about the probability of the spread of the disease through the operation of Air-conditioning and Ventilation Systems. Infectious diseases can circulate by different routes...