Why a 1 gm Gold Coin is the Perfect Investment for Beginners?

When it comes to making investments, it can take time to figure out where to start, especially if you are new to the world of investing. However, one investment that is perfect for beginners is a 1 gm gold coin. Not only is a 1 gm gold coin affordable, but it also offers a range of benefits that make it an attractive investment option.

If you are looking to invest in gold coins, you should head over to reliable websites such as Mia by Tanishq. Their wide collection of 1gm gold coins have prices that fit every budget. This blog will explore why a 1 gm gold coin is the perfect investment for beginners and why you should consider adding it to your investment portfolio. Here are certain factors to ponder before investing –


One of the most significant advantages of investing in a 1 gm gold coin is its affordability. Compared to other investment options, such as stocks, mutual funds, or real estate, a 1 gm gold coin is relatively inexpensive. It is an investment that can be easily purchased by anyone, even those with a limited budget. Additionally, Mia by Tanishq offers a range of gold coins at affordable prices, making it even more accessible for beginners. Don’t believe us? Look at these 1 gm gold coins, for instance.

1 Gm 24 Karat Tulsi Leaf Gold Coin

This 1 gm gold coin from Mia by Tanishq pays homage to Indian mythology with the Tulsi leaf embossed on both sides. It embodies the goddess of wealth and represents prosperity and good fortune. The coin is made of 24KT pure gold and is affordable in this segment. It is perfect for gifting or as an addition to your investment portfolio. With its exquisite design and cultural significance, this 1 gm gold coin is a must-have for any collector or investor.

1 Gm 24 Karat Lotus Gold Coin

This 1 gm gold coin by Mia by Tanishq is the perfect investment option for beginners. Made of 24-karat gold, it is both affordable and of high quality. The coin’s minimal design makes it a valuable addition to any investment portfolio or a thoughtful gift for a loved one. If you are beginning to expand your investment profile, this 1 gm gold coin from Mia by Tanishq is an excellent choice.


Another benefit of investing in a 1 gm gold coin is its liquidity. Gold is a highly liquid asset. It can be effortlessly converted into cash. This makes it an ideal investment for beginners needing access to their funds at short notice. With a 1 gm gold coin, you can quickly sell it for cash or exchange it for other assets.


Diversification is essential to any investment portfolio, and a 1 gm gold coin can offer just that. Investing in gold diversifies your investment portfolio and reduces the risk of losses. This is because gold may hold its value when other investments are underperforming, thereby minimizing losses.


One of the most desirable features of a 1 gm gold coin is its portability. It’s a small, compact investment that can easily store and transport. This makes it a convenient investment option for those travelling frequently or with limited storage space.

Cultural significance

In many cultures, gold is perceived as a symbol of wealth and prosperity. In India, for example, gold is considered an auspicious metal and is often given as a gift during weddings and other special occasions. Therefore, a 1 gm gold coin is an investment with cultural significance, making it a meaningful and valuable addition to your investment portfolio.

Final Thoughts!

For various reasons, a 1 gm gold coin is the perfect investment for beginners. If you want to invest in gold, the Mia by Tanishq offers 1 gm gold coins at affordable prices, making it easy for beginners to start their investment journey. Remember, investing in a 1 gm gold coin is a long-term investment. So, be patient and watch your investment grow over time!

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