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Ipsita Sinha is a mommy blogger, a content writer, and a friendly crazy mother. Though she is an instrumentation engineer, she also has experience in the teaching profession. She loves her unique way of parenting and experiments a new height of motherhood each day.

Indoor plants for home that are easy to care

Ipsita Sinha
You might have tried growing your garden at home, but unfortunately, it may have turned into wilting, yellowish, and embarrassing for you. Here, you will now feel more confident when you understand the secret of simple indoor gardening with these durable and easy-to-grow plants. And,...
Women Health

Pregnancy: Indian Diet Food Plan Chart month by month

Ipsita Sinha
Congratulations! The day has arrived when you are going to ride the journey of your pregnancy. Feel the excitement and thrill inside you and celebrate the joy with your family. Now that you are pregnant, apart from being excited, you need to focus on your...
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Why classic board games are still better than technology driven mobile board games for your child?

Ipsita Sinha
The comeback of board games is due to the corona pandemic lockdown in the country. As people and kids are stuck inside the house, and indoor games are the only option to stay entertained, board games provide immense pleasure. Why are classic board games better?...