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10 ways you can enhance your child’s creativity in drawing

A lot of parents believe that creativity is an inborn talent. But with more skills, creativity can be developed. Of course, all kids are not equally creative, but parents and elders can encourage a portion of it.

Creativity is a crucial element of health and happiness. Creative people can achieve success in nearly everything they do. They are a better problem solver in life with more flexibility.

For children, craziness is what they love to do. Let them be messy while coloring or painting. Creative drawing comes out in kids when they get the freedom to explore.

Here, you will get to know 10 ways to enhance your kid’s creativity in the drawing.

1. Availability of art supplies

Make sure that few art supplies like crayons, color pencils, pastels, and paper are ready. These art supplies will attract the kids to start scribbling. It is not necessary to have fancy items or expensive ones. A few simple and essential things are enough, to begin with.

2. Don’t say ‘I can’t draw’

Sometimes, kids need role models for their creative aspirations. So don’t ever say ‘I can’t draw.’ Tell them that you have the confidence to try and create.

You don’t need to draw a realistic picture, man, or animal. Try drawing abstract things. Color it brightly to capture all the attention. Show them that you have peace with your abilities. Let them make mistakes and fail.

3. Value creativity in your home

If your child is proud of some creativity, try to frame it on the walls of your house. Prominent display of their artwork will give them ample boost to try something more innovative and new.

You can also frame your drawings and display. Try to explain to them about your own experience and pleasure in creating that artwork.

4. Sit and draw with your children

The best way to encourage creativity in kids is to sit beside them and start drawing. It will help them to see your artistic process and learn from it. Also, they will be happy to find their parents to be involved in their space of imagination.

Children follow their elders so that they will be imitating you at times. Be patient and keep drawing. At some point, creativity will pop up.

5. Keep asking about their activity

Keep asking about their art-ideas and activity processes. Stay engaged and informed about their progress in art and drawing. You can ask endless questions about their artistic innovations.

You should be aware of the choices that they make. After every art, try to listen to the story behind that particular drawing. Your child will be delighted to tell you loudly.

6. Freedom to explore their ideas

Do not instruct them much. Let the flow of creativity comes naturally in your kids. Discuss their weekend plans for art and craft. Listen to their ideas, but do not point out the worst or the best ones out of that.

Please give them the required freedom to explore their ideas. You can encourage them to tell about your choices but do not force them to follow.

7. Make it a fun process

The ultimate motto is to have fun while creating something new. When children get bored, encourage them with some fun ideas. Gently remind them about their love for drawing or what drawings made them happy.

8. Give them age-appropriate activities

It is not beneficial for a 3-year-old kid if you teach ‘how to draw.’ Give them age-appropriate activities to develop gradually. Allow them to do observational drawing exercises occasionally.

Let them enjoy drawing while doing some live drawing sessions with some fruit from the kitchen. Encourage learning with open-ended explorations.

9. Try art classes

You can also try art classes or art lessons to develop a systematic way of learning drawing. These classes will expose them to many options related to materials and activities.

Some kids love to draw along with friends. So it is advantageous regarding the social aspect of the art class. Some art classes provide the kids to play with colors or paints and go messy.

10. Do not judge them

Never judge them for what they draw or color. Judgment will curb their on-flow of creative thoughts. Sometimes, kids come up with weird or gobbly ideas. That is also part of creativity. Let them express their ‘divergent thoughts.’

It is not always flowers, sunshine, and rainbows. Children can find black, grey, or something different shade as exciting and creative.

Encourage imagination by let them see into the greatness of drawing independently as well as together.

Try these ideas to enhance their skills. Help your kids to grow their imagination. The key to imagination and creativity is the freedom of expression through art and activity. Try to be positive and curious always to keep encouraging them.

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