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Tips and Essentials Checklist for Travelling with Baby – Infant to 1-year-old

A thought that disturbs a lot of people while travelling with a baby on long tours, is keeping them calm and safe. Boarding the plane or train with a toddler could be a nerve-wracking idea that prevents people from taking tours around the world. There is always a first time in everything, and you do not want to start your journey with a baby, unplanned. Whether your trip involves travelling by road, on a train, or getting on-board, travelling with an infant is never easy. This makes it crucial for you to understand how to tackle the challenges thrown at you while also taking care of the comfort levels of your baby.

Checklist For Travelling With Baby: Know What To Pack

If you are all set to go on an adventure with your baby, we understand that the exciting feeling must have been overpowered by anxiety. You can address this concern and calm yourself down by taking care of packing the essentials when travelling with your baby. Here is a list of all the things that you must put in your backpack to enjoy a comfortable travelling experience and getting much-needed peace of mind.

  • Diapers: This one is a no-brainer. Do not forget to carry a large pack of baby diapers to avoid a stinky, embarrassing situation.
  • Blankets: Blankets ensure that your baby is comfortable at all times. Whether you are picking your infant up, or laying them down for a nice, peaceful sleep, a blanket is sure to provide them complete protection from fluctuating temperature levels, sunlight, and any other factor.
  • Baby Carrier: Don’t forget a baby carrier while making your checklist when travelling with a baby. It lets you walk with free hands while you are moving around in a crowded place, using public transport or taking the staircase.
  • A Nightlight: One of the most useful things that you must carry while travelling with an infant is a torch or nightlight. It comes in handy when you need a better view for changing the diapers or during feeding time.
  • A Milk Bottle: It is natural for your infant to feel hungry during the journey. If milk is the only thing you are allowed to feed the baby, then make it a point to carry a milk bottle and milk formula. This is the best way to comfort your baby when they get the hunger-pangs and feeding them breast milk doesn’t seem possible for you.
  • Baby Monitor: Carrying a baby monitor while travelling is an intelligent way to enjoy your trip the most. This way, you can leave the baby in the hotel room and relax for a bit. The monitor lets you keep an eye on the baby and ensure they are safe even when you are away.
  • Baby Formula: Stocking up on baby formula is the best way to satiate the baby’s hunger by feeding them nutritious food. Travelling with baby food is a smart way to keep your munchkin’s health in check.
  • ID Proof: Do not forget to carry all the necessary documents, photos, and ID proof of your baby to enjoy a hassle-free time while travelling.

Tips For Travelling With Baby On Flight

If you do not want to be remembered as the couple in a long flight with a child, weeping and screaming at the top of their lungs then here are some amazing tips for travelling with baby under 1 year old.

  • Book An Additional Seat: A great way to enjoy a comfortable time while travelling with a baby in flight is securing a dedicated spot. This way, you can place the baby in a car seat and provide them a comfortable place to sit and sleep in.
  • Dealing With The Ear Pressure: The air pressure is a difficult situation, which is maximum while taking off and landing. The best way to deal with the air pressure is by making the baby swallow something, which provides some relief. It can be done by breastfeeding the child or using a pacifier.
  • Reach Early: One of the most crucial things to do while travelling with infant is to reach the airport earlier than usual. This gives you plenty of time for managing all the necessary tasks such as checking the baby’s diaper, informing the authorities about the baby stroller (in case you are carrying any, which you absolutely should), etc.
  • Keep ‘Em Busy: It is crucial for you to find the ways that help keep the baby distracted during the flight. While packing your essentials for travelling with baby, do not forget to put in their favorite toys and interesting books that will help you in keeping the baby busy throughout the journey.
  • Keep The Snacks Handy: Always remember that travelling with baby, food is an important part of your flight journey which ensures that your baby feels full and satisfied at all times. Keeping them hydrated is another major point, which is essential as our bodies are likely to get dehydrated during air travel.

Tips For Travelling With Baby on Train

If you are all set to make your travelling plans with your infant and you are opting for the train for commuting then these tips will make your journey a bit comfortable.

  • Get A Foldable Baby Cot: While travelling by train, it is important to ensure that your baby feels the utmost levels of comfort as a toddler is likely to sleep for long hours. A baby cot is a perfect way to provide your baby a cozy, soft spot to sleep in and remain peaceful throughout the journey.
  • Get All The Travel Essentials: Traveling with a baby under 1 year old is nothing less than a task. You must understand this fact and grab all the travel essentials that will make your journey a comfortable one. Here is a list of things that you must absolutely include:
  • Your baby’s favorite toys
  • Plastic bags
  • Diapers
  • Baby formula
  • Baby bottle
  • Extra clothing
  • Blankets
  • First Aid Kit: It is natural for infants to get sick as their immunity is on the weaker end. This makes them catch fever, cough and running nose quite easily. Thus, it is crucial to carry the necessary medications and other first-aid items such as a bandage, cotton, etc.
  • Keep The Baby Entertained: If you are travelling with baby, it is a must to keep them entertained. This ensures that they get to experience complete comfort and do not create a scene. Thus, you should pack some interesting storybooks, download their favorite cartoon videos on your device, keep their toys, and make them enjoy the view outside the window that will surely amaze them.
  • Take Care Of The Feeding: It is absolutely important to feed the baby at regular intervals during your train journey. Travelling with baby food and milk formula is a wonderful way to make your toddler feel fulfilled while also supplying the much-needed nutrients to their body.
  • AC Class For A Comfortable Traveling Experience: While booking the train tickets, make sure to go for the AC class, if possible. This way you save yourself from the overcrowded coaches.

Tips For Travelling With Baby By Road

Planning a road trip is enough to make you feel elevated. But, carrying a toddler on a road trip often scares people away. There are various challenges involved while travelling with baby by road, but these can be managed by taking care of a few important things.

  • Get A Baby Car Seat: A car seat becomes an essential accessory while getting ready for a road trip with your young ones. You can get a baby car seat and have it installed at the back seat, which makes for a dedicated and safe seating spot for your infant. This ensures securing your baby from all the shocks throughout the journey.
  • Drive At Night: Night time is practically the right time for driving with your baby as they are likely to spend most of their time only sleeping. This means you do not have to stop for feeding, diaper changing, or any such thing. This is a perfect way to cover a long journey fuss-free. Make sure to provide your baby with a comfortable sleeping area and you are all set for the journey.
  • Use Snacks As A Distraction: Traveling with baby food not only helps in keeping the baby full but also works as a superb diversion during long distances. You must pack some milk formula, baby food sachets before heading on to your road trip.
  • Take Regular Breaks: If you are travelling with an infant, it becomes necessary to take frequent breaks during the road trip. This ensures that you get to change the diapers, relax a bit, and change the baby’s clothing if necessary. In between, you can also catch up for quick meals, and use the restrooms.
  • Keep Your Essentials: You must prepare a checklist for travelling with baby and tick each of the items one-by-one as you put them in your bag pack including:
  • Baby wipes
  • Diapers
  • Baby rash cream
  • Milk bottles
  • Baby forehead thermometer
  • Blanket
  • Your baby’s favorite toys
  • Plastic bags to keep the soiled clothes
  • Hydration Is Important: While we do not recommend giving liquid to your baby regularly during your journey as it will require you to stop more frequently. However, you must ensure that the toddler does not get dehydrated. Feeding breast milk or milk formula is a good way to feed the baby while also hydrating them.

Travelling with your baby can be an exhilarating experience if you do it the right way. So, drop all your worries and work on making your journey while travelling with an infant worthwhile!

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