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18 Best Places to Explore in India with your Girl Gang!

Planning trips with your partner or family is a bit mainstream but this is not the case with your girl gang. However, sometimes you finally get those leaves from work, permission from the family and then you have your savings right with you in the account, but you still miss out on your girls trip. And that is because you can’t pick a place which is not such a valid reason to postpone your all-girls trip.

Think of only a girl gang trip, and there are so many things that will make it worth everything. From gossiping with your girls to getting dead drunk and involving in mischief and then the ultimate shopping partners, all these best and unforgettable moments can only be cherished if we are with our girl gang. If you are of the same opinion, you must plan a trip with your girls and visit some of the most amazing places for a girls trip in India. Here we have compiled the list of best destinations in India, where you can travel with your girlfriends and weave beautiful memories together.

Shimla : Live Life On The Edges

When we talk of Shimla, we picture ourselves in a place where you fill mountains surrounding all over and a cute little colourful home hanging on the edges, which will just soothe up your soul from inside. So, take a break from your regular schedule and plan your girls trip amidst the serene, beautiful mountains of Shimla.

Some fantastic activities like cycling, ice-skating, trekking and many other thrilling activities are available to add on the little thrill to your holidays. Not just this, Shimla is also famous for its churches and temples, so don’t forget to visit such locations and click some pretty pictures with your girls. The beautiful scenic atmosphere of Shimla will rejuvenate your body and soul from the inside. Another best part of Shimla is that it is amongst the safest places for girls in India.

Kashmir : Heaven On Earth

Kashmir is one of the most beautiful and mesmerizing places in India. If you are looking forward to planning a trip with your girl gang, then a visit to Kashmir can change the dimensions of your travel experience altogether. The heaven on Earth state Kashmir has the vigour to awaken the soul of both an adventurer and an eager traveller both.

With a plethora of touristy places in Kashmir along with some equally exciting things and activities to enjoy, this place will surely bring you lots of memories with a lifetime experience. In Kasmir, you can enjoy many activities like road trips, paragliding, hot air ballooning and snow skiing that will add to the fun you can have with your girls.

Manali : Enter The Winter World

When your girlfriends have finally said yes to a trip, and you are looking for more than a normal adventurous trip, along with that, it should be amongst the best places in India for girls so that it’s safe. Then the answer is to plan your trip to Manali, which is located in the state of Himachal Pradesh.

Manali is the perfect place for your all-girls trip. It is famous for adventure activities like ice-trekking, climbing, skiing, rappelling, rock and paragliding. In fact, Manali is not just about adventure, and if you want to spend and relax sometimes with your girls exploring the beautiful locations of this quaint mountain town, then there are many scenic spots for picnics and camping too. Manali is one place that is enough to cue your girl gang with thrilling adventures.

Rishikesh : Defy the Odds

If you and your girlfriends are one of those souls who seek adrenaline rush on trips along with serenity on the other hand, then Rishikesh is the best place to plan your trip to. Many adventurous activities like kayaking, river rafting in white waters, canoeing, and bungee jumping are some of the few thrilling activities you can try here in Rishikesh.

Apart from the adventures, Rishikesh is also known as the Yoga capital of India and has many spiritual spots to explore too. So after an adventurous session of all these activities, you can sit back and meditate at one of the yoga centres. Rishikesh also has some of the most mesmerizing places to visit, which can add to your all-girls trip goals. From the best of camping experiences to lots more, Rishikesh is packed with lots of surprises and utmost safety for all-girl travellers.

Ladakh : A Scenic Road Trip

Ladakh is the ultimate destination that can be best explored with your all-girls group. While all the mountain destinations are the best and safe places to explore in India, especially for girls, Ladakh holds its own importance in this subject. From crazy bike rides in the valleys of the Himalayas to cycling, trekking and skiing, activities that can escalate your mood to cloud nine levels are all available in Ladakh.

This location lives up to its hype, and it has certain areas like scenic views from Zanskar Valley or the relishing food from Ladakh can and other places like Buddhist monasteries offer a peaceful escape in Ladakh.  So whether your girls are into trekking or into exploring new places, Ladakh is a captivating beautiful place to visit once in your life for sure.

Darjeeling : Favourite For Tea Loving Gang

Located at an elevation of 8.586m, Darjeeling is a beautiful city surrounded by Kanchenjunga Mountain that will surely mesmerize you and your girl gang. After looking at Ladies only trip ideas in India, you would have to find out that Darjeeling is one of the safest places to be in when it comes to girl gangs. While you will be busy enjoying the stunning and splendid views of Kanchenjunga mountain, treat yourself with a cup of special Darjeeling tea which is specifically grown in the tea gardens of the town.

And if you and your girl gang are tea lovers, then you should not miss out on visiting the beautiful tea gardens located in different locations of Darjeeling. In addition to this, treat yourself and your girlfriends to some adrenaline rush activities like jeep safari, ice-trekking, paragliding and kayaking in Darjeeling. One sure thing is that the beauty of Darjeeling will surely entice you and your girl gang, and you might want to visit this place again and again.

Sikkim : Buzz With The Thrills & Chills

One of the most unique and favourite hill stations for all the travellers in India can be ideal if you plan a trip with your girl gang. As beautiful as heaven, Sikkim is a charming, beautiful town that is the best place for all nature lovers. If you and your girlfriends have a thing for nature and hill stations, drop all of them and make your bookings for Sikkim.

Here you will not only find the natural delights, but you will also get a chance to enjoy adventurous activities like river rafting, trekking, yak safari and lots more. Just name an activity, and you will find it here in Sikkim. From a girls trip perspective, nothing is exciting other than clicking off some great pictures from the hilltop of the stunning hills of Sikkim. Doesn’t this sound so exciting and interesting, so do visit this place with your girls once in your life.

Kalimpong : Complete Package Of Nature and Adventure

Kalimpong is a beautiful hill station that is amongst the best places in India for a girls trip. A hill station can sooth you from inside, and this trip with your girlfriends could be a stress buster for your entire gang. Take some time out from your busy office schedule and call up your girls and plan a trip to this scenic hill station Kalimpong. With a blend of both calm and adventure together, this place is surely going to break the blues of your monotonous life.

Many tourist spots are best to discover with your girl gang, and along with that, you can experience some surreal beauty of this destination with adventure activities like paragliding, river rafting, trekking and hiking. Its close prominence to Banglore makes this one of the favourite girls trip locations for all the Bangalorean girls.

Sundarbans : Feel The Roar

Home to the rarest species of royal Bengal tiger, Sundarbans is one of the best places to plan a trip with your girl gangs in India. Sundarbans will not only bring out the adventurer in you and your girl pals but will also enthral you to the fullest with their splendid and mystical beauty. While tiger spotting is one of the famous activities which you can enjoy with your girlfriends, the other parts of the town are also relatively safe for girls to enjoy an unmatched experience from the whole world.

In addition to this, visitors can also enjoy crocodile shopping, bird watching, and boat safari that is surely going to ignite the wildlife lover in you. Don’t forget to bring in your cameras to click some amazing pictures of wildlife wonders you will see with your girls. As it is a popular tourist place, there are many resorts which are located in close proximity to the national park to give you a real wild stay experience. Now it’s time to go out in the wild with your girl gang and make lifetime memories in Sundarbans.

Andaman & Nicobar Islands : Live The Underwater Life

Gone are the days when you couldn’t find anything associated with Ladies only trip ideas in India. Because today the women are not meant to stay at home but are available to explore the world together. Andaman and Nicobar islands are one of the safest places to plan a trip with your girl gang to enjoy the most amazing experiences.

You can enjoy various adventure activities like snorkelling, kayaking, scuba diving and other water sports, which will make your holiday experience at Andaman more delightful and loving.  In addition to this, you can also visit the various beautiful tourist places like Cellular jail, elephant beach, museums, Kala Patthar beach and many more places which will surely entice you. Moreover, you can also enjoy being a part of the Skiing India campaign with your girls under the guidance of professional trainers, which is carried out in Andamans.

Dandeli : No Less Than A Adventure Boot Camp

Undoubtedly, Dandeli is one of the best and safe places for girls in India when it comes to an adventurous trip for girls. If you have finally taken a break from the office, then it’s time to take your girl gang to this completely new location to experiences that are beyond the reach of delight. While girls are not expected to be much adventurous, prove people wrong by doing the most exciting activities like rappelling, trekking, outdoor river camping and a coracle ride in Dandeli with your girl gang.

You can assure your girls that this might turn out one of the best group tours. In addition to this, there are also many other touristy places and adventure activities which can be enjoyed together with your friends. So pack your bags, girls and show off the world a completely new place to see and explore, which is Dandeli.

Shimoga : The Gushing Falls

Shimoga is considered one of the best places in Karnataka if you are looking to plan a trip with your girlfriends in South India. It is already a famous destination for all female backpackers, and it’s time you witness this beauty yourself with your friends. With a plethora of options when it comes to sightseeing and gives you an ample amount of spots to experience the beauty of nature all around.

While talking of natural spots, Shimoga has some of the most stunningly beautiful waterfalls named Jog Falls. You can also enjoy many activities like tiger safari, boating, lion watching, hiking, caracoling and camping, which will make your all-girls trip more thrilling and exuberant. As it is a safe location to explore by girls, it will make it easy for you to convince your parents for this trip.

Amboli : Sweet Serene Scenes

While there are many locations for adventure, Amboli in South India is one of those places where you can spend some quality time with your girlfriends. If you and your girl gang love nature and want to spend some time with each other in the lap of nature, then your search comes to an end. Because Amboli is one of the best places for a girls trip, it is considered to be one of the best places and eco hot spots in India, which is abundant in nature delights.

In addition to this, after spending time with each other in the beautiful nature surrounded locations, you can take your girl gang to enjoy activities like night trekking, camping and angling, which are some of the few activities you will find anywhere else, especially when it comes to girl tours. So surprise your girl pals with holiday bookings in Amboli and enjoy a great time together, chilling, gossiping and enjoying all the natural offerings.

Udaipur : The Red World Lake City

One of the most beautiful cities of Udaipur is an exotic and rich cultural destination in India. It is also famous for being a safe location where all the girl groups can travel at ease. The vibrant colours, scenic lakes, and eclectic range of shopping add to the charm of the city even more. If you and your girl pals are history buffs, then planning a trip to Udaipur will be more unique for you.

The city boasts rich Rajputana culture and has many sightseeing options, which add to the charm of the city. One thing which is assured that you and your girl gang are going to fall in love with this city and would like to return every time you see any opportunities of travelling. Without any doubts, plan an all-girls trip with your girlfriends and enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of Udaipur.

Ranthambore : Enter Into The Wild

Whether you and your girl gang are animal lovers or not, Ranthambore is surely one of the best places in India for girls. Following its great royal legacy, Ranthambore is one of the most famous wildlife destinations in our country. And in case you and your friends are nature and wildlife admirers then, this location is the cherry on the cake. You can enjoy wild sightseeing experiences in the dense jungles and safari rides to spot wild animals like lions, tigers and the most fantastic activity, hot air ballooning.

All these activities and places of Ranthambore will genuinely amaze you and would make you fall in love with this place altogether. It is one of the best choices you can make for a girl tour because even if you get a little time to explore, then also Ranthambore has enough to make your trip worth a visit through the year.

Lonavala : More than Beauty & Nature

Lonavala is already one of the most famous destinations in the entire country. So why not explore this beautiful city with your girl pals this time. As it is a safe destination for girl tourists, you can enjoy a quiet and joyful time here. Lonavala has its own appeal and charm, and its beauty is unmatchable from other parts of Maharashtra. It is also a go-to weekend destination for all the Mumbaikars.

Even though it is majorly known for romantic getaways, there are enough activities for you and your girl and to bring out the adventurer in you. Lonavala offers many joyful and thrilling activities like zip-lining, waterfall rappelling, balloon rides and trekking. If you live in Maharashtra and want to plan a mini getaway with your girls, then Lonavala is the best place to visit.

Pondicherry : Something For Everyone

Just like its cute name, Pondicherry is another great option for an all-girl gang trip, especially if the girls love beaches, food and shopping. This calm and composed French style city is full of excitement as well as serene things to enjoy so that people of all types of interest can come and enjoy it here.

From treating you with relishing and mind-boggling food to great shopping destinations to shop your hearts out, Pondicherry is one of the best destinations to explore during your vacations. So if it’s you and your girlfriends, then Pondicherry, also pronounced as Puducherry, is a one-stop destination to explore with your girl besties.

Gokarna : Off-Beat Beach City

For the girls who love sand and sea but don’t want to go to typical beach destinations, then Gokarna is the place you have to be in. a tranquil beach city which is perfect for all the girl gangs who are looking to explore serene and silent beaches catching up the most beautiful sunrise and sunsets as well. As this beach destination is less popular, you will not find many crowds here, which makes it quite perfect for the girl travellers who seek serenity.

In Gokarna, you can enjoy many great activities like dolphin spotting, boating, trekking and many other kinds of water sports, which will surely make your trip great and if you and your girl gang have taken a week off, then it’s time to straight head to Gokarna to enjoy the best vacations of your lifetime.


As now girls, you are aware of some of the most unique and safe places for girls in India where you could plan a trip with your gang, then don’t wait and make your bookings to either of the places and give yourself a chance to enjoy a free bird with your friends. Whether your soul craves nature or thrilling adventures, all these locations will offer the best experiences for you and your gang. So without any second thoughts, plan your trip with your girl pals. After all, why should boys have all the fun?


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