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An overview of the energy management system

Managing an essential requirement, like using limited resources in our daily life, is important for a sustainable future. But, to your surprise, our world is already fraught with high energy requirements with the increasing population. As per the report by U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), the world’s energy consumption will increase by 48% by 2040. Intriguing, isn’t it? So, how can we cope-up with the increasing demand and depletion of resources? The energy management system is the saviour in this situation. Energy management is the effective use of energy to maximize the outcome and minimize the cost.

You can also understand it as cutting or minimizing the waste generated by using the best sustainable method of energy consumption and enhancing competitive positions. For example, employing the energy management system (EMS) at a small level like your building or company can save up to 29% of consumption costs. This way, we can control the world’s ever-rising energy hunger. In this article, we will discuss the energy management system in detail.

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What is Energy Management System?

Energy management is practising the methods of reducing organizations or societal energy consumption. You can also do it by monitoring energy bills or using energy-efficient devices. In layperson’s terms, Energy management is the proactive & systematic distribution of energy to meet the present generation’s requirements and cater to future needs. In addition, environmental and economic objectives are also considered while using the resources.

As Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) indicates the company’s concern over environmental issues, organizations are adopting a model to compensate for the number of resources they have utilized. Organizations are adopting models to compensate for the number of resources they have utilized. Today’s generation is more concerned about sustainable development and environmental pollution, so CSR and energy management by taking steps to conserve the resources will benefit society and increase the company’s reach. In the next section, we will talk about points to establishing Energy Management System (EMS)

  1. The commitment and planning of senior management draw the foundation of the organization’s energy management. In addition, an organization must have energy objectives and a timeline to achieve its energy saving or financial goals.
  2. An organization developing and releasing an energy policy is committed to improving energy efficiency for the betterment of society. The policy will include carbon neutrality, carbon emission, and the timeframes within which they will reach their respective Energy management goals.
  3. The Energy management of each organization is different and depends on the existing business priorities. In addition, it completely depends on the company’s size, structure, and facilities.
  4. Appointing the energy manager is beneficial to achieve the development goals under Energy Management System (EMS). An energy manager facilitates the sustainability goals with the involvement of staff from different departments.
  5. Undertaking the energy efficiency assessment or task is very beneficial for organizations in improving their energy efficiency performance. Based on the results of the assessments, companies can identify their direction to achieve energy efficiency.

Limiting the energy consumption or energy management system is important because it:

  1. Reduces the costs of energy and maintains the financials of the organizations.
  2. Reduces the carbon emissions or carbon footprint to compensate for the resources used by companies.
  3. By lowering your energy use and managing it to make it more predictable, energy management can help you lower the risk of high energy prices.

Energy management has been the need of the hour for the organization due to the exploitation of resources. The organizations have adopted CSR and energy management system steps to compensate for that. We hope you find this article on energy management systems helpful. If you want to peek into Schneider’s energy management efforts, check our website today.

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