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Spy App: A Sure Way to prevent Cyberbullying on the Internet

The environment your child grows up in today defines how they curate their future and this not only includes the real world that we are living in today but also the online space. We know how digital life has become a crucial part of our lives and kids are no different. In fact, more than anyone else, it’s the kids who are more dependent and active on the internet.

Today, we will talk about how certain digital experiences can take a toll on your child’s mind and health and how you can help them avoid that.

Kids & Their Digital Experiences

Have you ever wondered why your child is always in front of the screen? Where did it all start from? Do you have any role in it as a parent? Remember when your child was younger and you used to play videos on YouTube and show it to them? Was your child known to technology on their own? No. This was certainly the first time when they were exposed to it and you were the reason behind it. Later, when your child started going to school, they got projects which needed some research work from the internet. Now that kids are dependent on technology for such basic yet important things, you cannot keep them away from using smartphones.

As parents, you might be concerned if your child is just watching joyful content and researching for school or college projects or is doing anything more than that. We know how much social media is booming today and the core reason is its admiration amongst the youth. While these social media apps are a great way to connect with friends and family, we cannot ignore the fact that these apps also have some drawbacks.

There are cyberbullies who are also present on these platforms and they can negatively affect your child which may lead to a bad impact on your child’s overall development and well-being. These cyberbullies try to hack the phone so that they get all the sensitive information to loot you. They know that children can be easily targeted so they try to connect with them to fulfill their purpose but using phone spy apps can help you look after your child in today’s digital world.

Best Mobile Spy Apps & Their Benefits

Mobile spy apps are software that one installs on the target device to monitor its activities. You can install the spy app on your child’s phone and see in real-time everything they do on their phone. The features offered by these apps are beneficial in digital parenting. It totally depends on you if you want to inform your child about installing the application on their phone or if you don’t want them to figure it out. If you don’t want them to know about it, you can simply hide the app using the certain settings and the phone spy app will run in the background.

You will get many options on the internet for free and paid phone spy apps  and you can choose the one that suits you based on your research and requirements. While free apps are low on features, performance and security, we suggest that you go for paid spy apps as they have more features, better performance and high security. Let’s know about the features of a paid android phone spy app with the example of one of the best spy apps, Onemonitar.

Features of Onemonitar : An Android Phone Spy App

Onemonitar is one of the leading spy app companies in India and globally. The app offers more than 60 features that let parents monitor their children remotely and ensure that their digital experience is not bad and doesn’t leave them affected in any sense.

If we talk about the features of Onemonitar, it has an in-built hidden call recorder that allows you to listen to your child’s conversations in real time and shares the caller’s details with you so that you can know about who your child is talking to. Besides this, if you think that the caller may be a threat to your child then you can block their number and file a complaint against them.

While your kids are out and alone or with friends, they might not inform you about the places they go to but if you use the location tracker then you can keep track of their whereabouts along with the complete address of that place in real time with full accuracy.

You might want to know how your child is using the internet and especially social media as there is all sorts of content on the internet and most of it could be harmful for your child’s mental health. Using the social media monitoring tool can help you in spying on the things that your child does on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Viber or any other social media app. From accessing their chats to call logs and the media exchanged or posted, you can do it all.

WhatsApp spy is another key feature of Onemonitar that allows you to track the chat windows, multimedia and calls made through WhatsApp.

In The End

Monitoring applications work as one of the best digital solutions when it comes to digital parenting and protecting your child against cyberbullying and other online threats. You can easily download Onemonitar phone spy app and monitor your child remotely with real time accurate information to sense any potential threats and take informed action.

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