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18 Must-Read Adventure Stories Books For Kids

Parents these days need to spend a lot of time with their children to enhance their kids’ stage of growth and development. Almost all the kids love bedtime stories; the stories they hear, the books they read, and the characters they get to know plays an important role in their mental state. Books play a vital role; some love to hear while others love to read. Apart from that, it is one simple pleasure that every child wishes to experience in their childhood. Young children love reading books, learning about new characters, and emulating meaningful messages from the stories. Some of the best genres of stories your child can read are adventure stories.

Reading or listening to stories shapes their personalities to an extent. It also boosts their confidence level, enhances learning and educational skills. Adventure stories can be one of the ways you introduce your child to a new world with a new language. The best way to start is by a picture adventure book to make them recognize concepts, including color, space, size, shape, space, numbers, objects, and many more other factors. It will not only help them boost their growth, but it will also teach them complex ideas, the passage of time, compassion, emotions, etc. And what can be the best ways other than telling them the all-time favorite stories?

Adventure Stories Books For Kids

Here is the list of adventure stories your child can read:

1. The Harry Potter Series By J.K Rowling

The Harry Potter Series is one of the greatest adventure story books your child can read. The book was introduced in 1997, and it has become more than just a book. Many kids love this story, and it has made them believe that this magical world is real and how important it is to be a good person in this evil world. The series has seven books in total, and the whole series is about a child, Harry, who finds out that he is a wizard. He battles adventure in a wizard school with two of his best friends named Ron and Hermoine. Each book has a different story to tell, which your child can relate to. The magic, mystery, catchy enchantments, half-blood villains, flying broomsticks are going to turn your child into Potterhead.

Recommended Age Group: 11 to 15 years


2. The Hidden Oracle By Rick Riordan

What is that one thing that almost every child is fascinated about? It is none other than being supernatural or immortal. There are many books in this genre, and The Hidden Oracle by Rick Riordan is one of them. The story is about a boy who becomes immortal as a share of his punishment. The book is the first two-part series where the boy, who is the God Sun, also known as the Son of Zeus. His father turns Apollo into a mortal human, and he arrives up in New York City. In simple words, the story is about a teenage year boy who looks for his way back to become the powerful god he earlier was.

Recommended Age Group: 10 to 13 years


3. Peter Pan By J.M Barrie

Who does not love the story of Peter Pan? The story is about sweet little boy Peter pan and his journey to the magical island. He is a boy who does not age as he grows and can fly above high. He is one of the adventurous characters of all time your child can fall in love with. The story begins when the boy visits his three siblings John, Wendy, and Michael. The whole story is about the boy’s journey to the magical island of Neverland, where he fights Captain Hook, who is a bad pirate and wants to take control of the island, which is one of the best adventure stories for kids.

Recommended Age Group: 8 years and above


4. The Wishing Spell By Chris Colfer

It is one of the most adventurous stories of all time, all about twins, brothers, and sisters. Both of them are sent to an adventurous island which is called a magical island. The best part about this story is that it has fairy tale characters like Cinderella, Snow White, Goldilocks, and Sleeping Beauty. These characters help the kids get home safely, and it makes it a heartwarming and comforting story for the kids. However, every story has a few evil scenes, but it is all about its message. And the stories represent the triumph of goodness over evilness.

Recommended Age Group: 8 to 12 years


5. The Magic Tree House By Mary Osborne

The Author, Mary Osborne, has written around 50 adventure stories in which The Magic Tree House is one of the best ones. In this story, the author has mixed the element of education and entertainment beautifully, featuring Jack and Annie, who are the story’s main characters. Both kids lurch upon a tree close to their home that turns out to be magical. The tree sends them back into a time where many major historical events have taken place in various time zones and generations.

Recommended Age Group: 5 to 7 years


6. The Snail And The Whale By Julia Donaldson

It is a heart-warming story of an uncommon friendship between two friends, the Snail and the Whale, who become friends. It is a joyful story of two friends who explore the whole world together. They meet many other animals like sharks, dolphins, and penguins on their way. The story is about how two friends save each other from problems.

Recommended Age Group: 2 to 5 years


7. Where The Wild Things Are By Maurice Sendak

It is one of the best stories ever written by Maurice Sendak. The story is about a little boy Max who is rebuked by her mother for creating chaos, all because he was dressed like a wolf. Her mother keeps him grounded, and he feels all alone in his room. It is time he uses his creativity and imagination to turn his room into a world of things. It is one of the best books your kid can read, which will enhance their creative and thinking skills.

Recommended Age Group: 3 to 5 years


8. The Unlikely Adventures Of Mabel Jones

It is one of the best adventure stories books of all time, which was also shortlisted for the Branford Boase Award 2016. The story is about a group of strange pirates. Mabel gets kidnapped by the weirdest group, and the captain and world would not let her until she helps them. Gift this book to your child to give them an experience of an unusual roller coaster adventure ride.

Recommended Age Group: 6 to 10 years


9. Percy Jackson By Rick Riordan

It is a series of 5 books written by Rick Riordan. The book is based on Greek Mythology, based on heroes fighting evil and other bad guys to save the people and all humankind. Percy Jackson is the main character of this story which travels in the countries of the United States.

Recommended Age Group: 10 years and up


10. The Green Ember By S.D. Smith

Rabbits are considered as one of the most sensitive and adorable animals. However, the book Green Ember by S.D. Smith is going to change the perspective of your child. Picket and Heather are the two main characters in this book who go on an adventure and lead a simple life on the land which was once their home. Then an event of catastrophic incidents takes place, and they face many challenges. Throughout this, they meet loyal knights who support them throughout the battles.

Recommended Age Group: 8 years and up


11. The Wild Robot By Peter Brown

It is one of the greatest adventure stories for kids, written by Peter Brown. It is a story about a Wild Robot who feels alone in the Jungle after opening her eyes for the first time. Your kid will fall in love with this story which has many obstacles such as animal attacks, bad weather, and many more. The robot observes her surroundings and starts intimating for her survival.

Recommended Age Group: 9 to 12 years


12. The Phantom Tollbooth By Norton Juster

It is stated as an all-time favorite and classic book known to be captivating to hold children’s interests. Milo is the main character of this story, who finds everything boring around himself. Nonetheless, one day he finds a differently mysterious item in his room known as a tollbooth. Every night, he started going on different adventures at various places to meet multiple characters on the journey.

Recommended Age Group: 9 years and up


13. Pippi Longstocking By Astrid Lindgren

It is one of the loveliest characters of all time that anyone can fall in love with. The story is written by Astrid Lindgren, who has stockings and red pigtails which never match. She is a free soul, having superpowers, and does what she feels like. It is one of the best adventure stories your child can ever read.

Recommended Age Group: 6 to 11 years


14. Tarzan Of The Apes By Edgar Burroughs

Tarzan is a popular character of all time. John Clayton is the main character of this book which is playing the role of Tarzan. He is a little boy who gets lost in the Jungle. He grew with animals and was raised by apes. It is one of the thrilling stories that holds the interests of kids.

Recommended Age Group: 11 years and above


15. Island Of The Blue Dolphins By Scott O’Dell

The story is about a young girl who fights to live in the forest.  The story is about a grand Pacific Island filled with beautiful water creatures such as dolphins, otters, and many more. The Indian people also used to live here once in a time, but they moved to the east, leaving Karana in the forest all alone. It is the story of a girl who stays in the Jungle alone all by herself. She spends her life hunting food and making weapons for her protection.

Recommended Age Group: 11 to 13 years


16. Hatchet By Gary Paulson

It is one of the most popular adventure stories for kids, written by Gary Paulsen. The story is about a 13 years old boy who is strained to live in Canada’s jungles with his intelligence and hatchet. It is one of the amazing stories that will help you educate your child about the difficult situations of life and how they can overcome it.

Recommended Age Group: 12 to 15 years


17. The Runaway Bunny By Margaret Wise Brown

It is one of the good choices of stories for mothers to tell their little kids. It is a heart-touching story in the form of picture books. This story is about a baby bunny who plays hide and seek with his mother and runs away in an attempt to hide. But the interesting part is that his mother always finds him every time wherever he hides. All the kids love this book!

Recommended Age Group: 2 to 8 years old


18. The Secret To Platform 13 By Eva Ibbotson

It is one of the interesting stories of time written by Eva Ibbotson. The story is about a secret door to the magic world that is located on a train station in London. The door takes the person to an island of magical creatures such as hags, mermaids, who live their life happily. The twist comes when the princess of the island gets kidnapped by the bank tycoon.

Recommended Age Group: 9 to 11 years


Everyone says dogs are the best friend of a man, but a book can be your child’s best friend. It will not only help them nurture but will also feed them with creativity and knowledge. Those mentioned earlier are some of the best kids adventure stories that you can gift to your child. Apart from that, you can also tell them during their bedtimes regularly. Your kids will form new ideas using their imagination and knowledge. It will help them contain the feeling of understanding different situations in life. Watching them grow, you can also offer them suggestions and ideas about different emotions and situations in life. So, if you want to buy some books to give your child, these are the best of all time!

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