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Date : 29/03/3002


Yes, you all read it correct, this is the current date and I am, with my family,  living in a isolated place, as dangerous virus in our environment compelled us to live in a quarantined environment for last 2 years.

Yes… 2 years, long time ha!! Well, sitting in my drawing room, I was wondering how it was started.

I was 20 years old when a virus named CORONA came in to the world. It was the first virus of such type which made people go under their house for months. I was sitting with my small family in a drawing room of our cozy apartment where on a television was showing the reports of the countries worldwide; which was showing the graph of people affected and died by that virus. We were terrified about how we will going to live? From where we will get money to survive?

Today, when I looked back to that era, I feel so relaxed that now I am living secured flat with steeled window and doors having sensors for shower of ultra violet rays to save us from germs.

In 2020, when CORONA came; millions died, billions affected and just a small group of people were left non affected. Government was appealing to everyone to stay at their homes as much as possible. Corpses of dead were taking the road. Streets were silent, not a single soul could be seen. Everyone was having mixed emotions of grief and fright. All social platforms were silent. All the safety measures were taking place.

I recalled, I was doing my graduation from the University of Lucknow; it was my 2nd year and we were sitting at our home for more than a month. Colleges were having pressure to complete their syllabus and teachers were keep sending online study materials. We were busy in preparing our assignments and helping our elders in home making tasks. The days were just passing like a still water of sea and it was getting ready to degrade, as it is said by a great poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge in The Rime of the Ancient Mariner “Water, water everywhere not a drop to drink”. I know I brought a memory of your past, that is what we all are doing after 82 years.

In this era, our children are not like us. They are self-isolated and are so sensitive that they can’t even talk without masking their faces. At our time, we sit with our family, listen to there past stories and their experiences, everything. I remember from our balcony we used to see only gardens and listen only chirping of birds. It was a great experience! But now it is normal to sit at our homes for several months and work from home. Population of world is so less that all countries came together and all borders were vanished. One government taken control of the whole world. There is neither Italian nor American. We are following SOCIAL DISTANCING. We don’t talk to each other, we don’t meet, we don’t need to!

Well that’s all I can say till now. My wife prepared a quarantined dish and I need to have it. But now I feel, if that time, we all would have been stayed at our home, our brothers who faced terrible end would have been saved. At last I want to pray and end with this line,

“No more grief I want to see,
No more tears I want to shed,
Enough deaths took place,

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