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Different Ways to Excel in Ludo Matches

No other board game comes close to the popularity that ludo enjoys throughout the globe. The classic board was unofficially given the title of the “King of Board Games” when it became the most-played game during the nationwide COVID-19 lockdown. Besides the Indian subcontinent, the game is played by millions of people residing in different parts of the globe.

The game is accessible to players in two modes, namely the offline and online modes. The offline mode requires players to have physical ludo game boards, tokens, and dice to get started. When it comes to playing the ludo game online, all an individual needs is a robust online ludo app and a stable Internet connection to get started.

Irrespective of the mode players opt for when it comes to playing ludo, they need to follow specific tactics and ways to ensure winning matches. This article will list some of the most effective ways following which players of all skill levels can excel in ludo matches with ease. Let us get started:

Remain Calm and Confident

There are instances in matches when the opponents are comparatively more skilled than the players, which makes the latter very scared and anxious. However, it is not set in stone that a beginner or an intermediate player cannot beat a skilled individual. However, to do so, one of the main things every player should do is remain calm and confident.

When a player remains calm even when the opponent is strong, it puts the former at a disadvantage since doing so facilitates them to think straight and make the right moves. For instance, if a player remains calm even when the match is not going in their favor, they can think clearly about the moves they can make to turn the game around.

Similarly, if a player is confident in themselves, it intimidates their opponents. It makes them think that the player in front of them has tricks up their sleeve using which they can win the game. Hence, being confident puts players at an advantage and their opponents at a disadvantage.

Move Multiple Playing Pieces Simultaneously

In every ludo, each player has a total of four playing pieces, each of which they need to carry to their respective bases first to win the game. To get started, players need to roll sixes to initially take their playing pieces out of the house. Once they are out, players can begin marching them toward the base.

When it comes to marching playing pieces toward their respective homes, different players have different strategies. Most players prefer using all their die rolls to march a single piece toward the base. However, this limits their chances of winning the game, primarily because the chances of that token getting eliminated are very high.

Hence, all players are advised to use their initials 6s to take out all of their playing pieces from their house and then move each of them simultaneously. Doing so will help them put pressure on the opponents’ tokens and enhance their chances of winning the game.

Always Attempt to Eliminate Opponents’ Playing Pieces

Besides moving multiple playing pieces simultaneously, players should always look for opportunities to eliminate opponents’ playing pieces. Most players try to avoid picking elimination battles with their opponents’ pieces, i.e., they do not chase their playing pieces, fearing that their own tokens might get eliminated.

This safe strategy, in most cases, prevents players from winning matches. Hence, every player should always make attacking plays and try to eliminate opponents’ tokens. Doing so will not only set the opponents back in the game by a significant measure but also increase the player’s chances of winning the game. Following this effective strategy is a proven way to win matches with ease.

Use Milestone Points to Camp and Wait For Opponents’ Playing Pieces

An integral part of achieving the main objective in any ludo game is eliminating the playing pieces of opponents. However, there are instances when players are unable to get the required numbers when rolling. When this happens, an effective trick that can help players is blocking players’ paths by placing tokens on milestones.

Every ludo board features multiple checkpoints or milestones which protect tokens from getting eliminated. Players can use these safe points to place their tokens and wait for the opponents’ playing pieces to arrive. As soon as they surpass the player’s tokens placed on the milestone points, the player can use their piece to eliminate the opponent’s tokens without hassle. This is an effective way to excel in ludo matches without hassle.

Remain Aware of the Position of Opponents’ Playing Pieces

Any top-tier strategy will be rendered useless if players are unaware of the position of all of their opponents’ playing pieces. Opponents often try to steal the focus of players by using a specific playing piece and luring them into traps. This generally happens when opponents are moving multiple pieces simultaneously.

Hence, players are advised to remain super aware of all of the opponents’ tokens so that the opponent is unable to move past crucial positions with ease. Being observant is a proven way for players to emerge victorious against even the most skilled opponents.


As opposed to other board games, which are based on luck, ludo relies more on strategies and skills. Hence, any player who wishes to level up in level and excel in matches against highly skilled opponents should always keep the aforementioned tricks in mind during matches.

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