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Types of Telemedicine App development Software Technologies & Platforms

What is telemedicine software?

The health care technology connects the patient and the healthcare provider through secure video/audio conferencing and exchanges the health-related information. Telemedicine software is a health care technology that provides remote clinical health solutions to patients.

The Healthcare industry has developed immensely by incorporating telemedicine software technology as general practice in the treatment process. It has been a highly preferred and capable solution to monitor and treat patients remotely.

What are the types of telemedicine software?

Telemedicine software has been categorized as store and forward telemedicine also called synchronous telemedicine software, asynchronous telemedicine software, and remote patient monitoring software.

Store and forward telemedicine software

The store and forward technology connect the healthcare provider, health care receiver, and the medical expert to collaborate remotely, and share-secured healthcare information. This category combines the best medical expert and constructive medical solutions. This process is worldwide practiced regularly by radiologists, dermatologists, and other specialists in the medical field.

For instance, a patient shares their medical reports, lab tests, x-rays, case study, or health history with the health care provider through teleconferencing from distance, further, the information is passed on to the health expert if required for detailed verification and treatment measures, this entire process of consulting online and coordinating through emails and built-in secured features and HIPAA complaint to get secured data of the patient.

Asynchronous telemedicine software

Unlike store and forward technology, asynchronous telemedicine software does not involve live or real-time virtual consultancy facilities.

To retain the privacy of the patient or in situations like non-availability of appropriate internet speed, the patient’s information regarding the case in the form of reports and documents are shared offline with the health care provider. Through emails, recorded video messages, or text messages patients can receive consultation from the health experts.

Remote patient monitoring software

Remote patient monitoring software is a type of telemedicine technology that enables patients’ health to be monitored and tracked virtually. In chronic situations where it’s difficult for patients to visit the hospital the health records and reading can be monitored remotely and with proper diagnosis, health conditions can be controlled by the health care experts. Health conditions like asthma, diabetes, hypertension, mental health issues, or cardiology-related cases connected with obesity can be successfully tracked and taken care of.

What are the core components of the telemedicine platform?

The various components that make it possible for the patient-doctors online virtual consultation are:

Server Applications

Telemedicine is best experienced on mobile phones and desktops with web-based applications with the android or ios platforms that support all the mobile devices. Many telemedicine apps are operated on mobile phone devices and get the best services with security.

Telemedicine Mobile Applications

Many telemedicine mobile app companies provide the best health applications for both web-based platforms and android or ios enabled mobile phone devices. Telemedicine consultants comfortably provide their services on mobile phones.

Cloud/ data security

Cloud-based telemedicine software mainly relies on secured cloud-based platforms like Google Cloud or Azure, which assure prime data security.

The healthcare interactions of the health experts and the patients require reliable data security. Mobile app development companies take care of the complete data security for the health care system.

Real-time technology

Google provides Web RTC (real-time communication) technology for a telemedicine software application. All web browsers and mobile app platforms support the Web RTC which allows the user to communicate in real-time technology and avail the health support.

Healthtech devices

Telehealth web or mobile applications integrate with the health devices through Bluetooth technology or wireless data exchange and communication to gather the health reports from the cloud server. The wireless synchronization of data to the mobile applications makes the remote monitoring process quick and accurate.

Advance services

Telemedicine applications provide external communication services like text messages, reminders, notifications, emails, or pop-up messages to keep the treatment process and health engagements up to date.

What are the types of telemedicine software?

Telemedicine healthcare connectivity

A telemedicine facility that connects the health care providers or experts and exchanges the health report of the patient in any chronic condition. To deliver health solutions with expert opinion remotely, where the physical presence of the doctor is not necessary.

Telemedicine software for the health professionals

Telemedicine software for the health care provider professional allows doctors to diagnose and prescribe the medicine or health checks and tests through mobile applications.

Telepharmacy Softwares

Telepahrmacy software is used to provide immediate pharmaceutical support to patients who are unable to go to the pharmacist. It is operational via mobile phones and also through web applications for desktops.

Softwares like Amwell, MD live are some examples of such telemedicine technology. is another example of the best telemedicine online store.

What is a white label telemedicine platform?

Many Small businesses and startups prefer white label telemedicine app platforms.

A white label telemedicine platform develops apps according to the client’s requirement in a customized way.

Online medical bill payments, consultations, e-prescriptions, and lab reports all information can be exchanged within the comfort zone of the doctor and patient.

It is a custom-built and affordable health solution app platform, it is beneficial for the health care provider, patient, and clinicians connected with the hospitals or medical stores.


Telemedicine technology has taken a huge leap in healthcare technology recently where a large sector of the population has shown great interest in the healthcare treatments through telemedicine.

Telemedicine mobile app development companies are actively coming up with new and updated health care solutions and providing the best of services to the users.

There is a bright telehealth future and telemedicine is providing smart solutions and a long way to go.

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