I am very proud of being a salesman for the last 50 years.

Now, everywhere we are talking of employment generation, small business plans, make in India initiatives; and other government schemes provide opportunities. And open gates for employment and business models to improve the level of income for the people who are in great trouble at this time of crisis when the whole world is crying.

I am absolutely sure that there are ample opportunities for any individual to opt for a very noble profession of sales and marketing to meet his needs. There is no restriction of age or gender in this profession. There is no need for any degree or formal training—the only thing needed for a salesperson to be really willful to accept this profession.

To be a successful salesperson, I am giving below certain rules: if adopted by any person with common sense, s/he can become a good salesperson.

I am fully convinced to accept these rules as guidelines for making a career in sales and ensuring the rest of your life with a respectable lifestyle.

1. The salesperson needs to be professional in attitude all the time.

2. Salesperson primarily identifies customers’ needs and creates the ability to deliver accordingly.

3. A salesperson has to treat his/her customers as his/her boss and serve them to make money.

4. A salesperson has to be a good listener to identify customers’ needs patiently.

5. A salesperson has to know well about the products or services which s/he is willing to sell.

6. The salesperson has to develop the ability to convince till his/her client is ready to buy.

7. A salesperson has to keep his/her customers always satisfied because one satisfied customer can bring ten new prospects.

8. A salesperson has to have a long-lasting relationship with his/her customers.

9. The salesperson has to be sincere and honest all the time with his/her profession.

10. The salesperson has to carry a positive attitude always.

With these guidelines, I wish to appeal to all the people who are searching for any job to choose a sales career where job opportunities are unlimited.

The only thing required is to pay respect to this profession by heart and accept sales and marketing challenges as we have done it.