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It is my study that in our homes, lacs and lacs of cell phones are lying dead or unused for one reason or the other. Sometimes we change our cell phones because it is outdated or having some repairable defects.

Recently, I have seen a report that says that India’s 73 percent market share being enjoyed by Chinese companies, which is shocking in two ways – one we are losing foreign exchange, and secondly, we are missing significant opportunities for indigenous manufacturing of such a large segment.

Now, since Google has come forward to invest in India to manufacture cell phones on competitive prices, we must welcome this opportunity as a boon in disguise.

This realization has forced me to suggest some efficient approach to push China back in the economic front and create opportunities for our unemployed youth to accept the challenge.

As far as our needs for new cell phones are concerned, I have something to mention that worries us for our bright future.

1. When you feel the need for a new cell phone, try to defer it until we can get locally manufactured products.

2. Please look back to your dead phones and try to recharge and wait for some time for Indian products.

3. Now there are ample opportunities for creating a market for second-hand sets at affordable prices.

4. My suggestion to mobile phone dealers is to open outlets for Pre-owned mobile phones; when such outlets open, people will like to get rid of old, outdated cell phones that will be made readily available at an affordable price for those who cannot buy new sets.

5. Many mobile phone dealers told me that they are carrying a good amount of Chinese handsets on their shelves, and under these conditions, when Chinese products are getting rejected, their turnover will be blocked.

This outcome is quite natural when changing consumers’ moods because if Chinese products are lying dumped unsold, the suppliers will be discouraged, and the entire supply chain will be broken automatically.

6. When we are talking about second-hand mobile phone outlets, there will be a need for more cell repairing workshops where the number of trained workers will be required, thus creating a significant opportunity for another segment of this market.

Finally, my appeal to everybody is to come forward with innovative ideas small or big, where we can give a jolt to Chinese products by either not using them or creating a substitute within the country.

Such efforts might prove to be the most earnest service to our Nation.