My experience in life says, “to make a decision” is an art and to understand this art, one has to understand its practicability and complexity.

Here, my intention is to understand the importance of taking the right and timely decision to get quick and right results.

1. Make out your plans keeping in view your short term and long term objectives. Your objectives should match your limitations and available resources. You should not cross the borderline of your capabilities. It may look very disappointing when I say this because if you know you can not jump the height, do not jump till you know you can do it. That means you should increase your capabilities to ensure success.

2. There is always a big confusion while taking a decision at the time of a critical situation. You have to be very sure about the repercussions that may take place after the decisions. We all know that decisions once taken cannot be reverted. But if reverted back, the credibility of the decision-maker is jeopardised.

3. Individual’s potential is limited as well as different from others. Decision-making is a process that creates a smooth way of taking a decision. We have to do a lot of thinking and homework before taking a decision. When we take a decision without making room for this, the chances of success reduces. Sometimes, the decision is taken instantly and we have to repel.

4. Information technology has given us so much support to our knowledge base that every data is available on our tips. Basically, data analysis increases our area of thought process and helps us to make decisions.

5. Our mind is very creative as well as narrative. We are unable to stay at one point for a longer period and start pondering over different aspects, specially at the time of decision making. This is not a good situation for right decision making. Therefore, it is very much important to develop the habit of concentration. If it is not happening, then we have to identify our bottlenecks to smoothen our skill of concentration and gather information about the subject all over again.

6. Once again, I like to remind you that decision-making and decision-taking are two different types of skills. Therefore, my advice is to refrain from taking a decision unless the decision-making process is complete.

Through this note, I tried to highlight the importance of decision making before taking any decision.