It looks very strange for me to talk of love and teach about it. It is a natural phenomenon that everybody understands well. Everybody defines love in his/her way. Everybody feels it. Even then I do not understand to why I have selected this topic today.

Perhaps this is the most interesting and fascinating word which every individual enjoys to feel this but generally does not want to talk about.

If I ask myself as to how many times I speak to somebody, ” I LOVE YOU.” The person can be anybody, including your spouse. Similarly, how many times I heard this from others. The answer is obvious.
Here I dare to point out with excuse certain normal rules if we all follow with each other in coming days, the life will blossom like a rose with spreading fragrance all over the place.

1. When we meet, we must meet with respect and LOVE with each other and exchange it with a sincerity which can be noticed by everyone.

2. Love begets love. We all know this reality but forget it in practice. When we are in distress, we need sympathy. When we are depressed, we need healing. When we are under tremendous tension, we need mental therapy. All these difficult situations need the biggest healer, which is the love of somebody. Love is the most effective medicine at the time of crisis.

Though love does not provide any solution but makes us stronger to face and bear, when we are in love, we forget the rest of the world whether loving persons are our parents or friends, or spouse. Those who love each other are the most fortunate persons, in my opinion.

3. The whole world is reeling under the crisis of hatred and enmity. We are not happy with others’ progress and try to ditch each other by pulling the legs.

But if we meet others with love without having any hatred in mind, we get a similar response from others. Even if there is any dissonance, our feelings of love remove it soon. When we have such an effective tool with us, we must use it with full conviction that it will work.

4. When we are in meetings, we find on many occasions that tension prevails and things do not move on smoothly. Here my experience of life says that before the start of the meetings we must have few words in exchange for feelings of love and affection and the whole environment will become very friendly, and abrasions can be removed easily.

5. When we are in an environment of love and affection, our ego loses its place and we are very much relaxed. We feel so much comfortable that small issues are ignored and positivity rules all over in the atmosphere.

My appeal to everyone is to practice this tool of love and affection all over to remain always in a win-win situation for all. Our level of tolerance and perseverance goes high, and we always feel contended in any case because there is no loser or gainer in the negotiations.

Love is a tremendous mental therapy for both mental and physical ailment which cannot be challenged.
Therefore practice LOVE, LOVE, and LOVE.

Thanks, with love.