We as human beings are empowered by God Almighty, three important strengths that keep us agile to do what we want to do, good or bad. But if we use these powers for the welfare of human beings, we get appreciated by HIM, and if we misuse it, we are fired.

These powers of thoughts, emotions, and action come from the power of the mind, purity of heart and perfection of body, respectively.

But the power of the mind comes from meditation, purity of heart comes from devotion and perfection of the body comes from yoga.

Here need of balancing these God gifts is highly needed to make your life happy.

Therefore I am trying to discuss this important issue after a thorough study on the subject.

1.Take positive note in your thoughts while thinking. This will remove negativity and help to generate positive thinking on any matter.
2. Hack others good lessons to make your thinking more creative.
3. Oust all negative apprehensions to bring down negativity at zero level
4. Utmost care of your ethics and principles while creating thoughts.
5. Grind your artificial outfits to bring ground reality into practice in order to become more practical in life.
6. Highlight only purity and sincerity of thought process to maintaining transparency.
7. Treat everybody’s thoughts as guiding factors to bring creativity to maintaining open-mindedness.
8. Stop the thought process that starts bringing nasty approach and negativity because that can spoil the whole mood and continuity of positive thoughts.

1. Evolve spiritually motivated emotions to strengthen your purity of heart.
2. Meaningful approach while clicking sentiments in order to maintain the purpose of emotional thinking.
3. Overhear other’s unusual comments to demean your emotions as this should go unattended.
4. Thoughtful behaviour at the time of suppressing emotions because emotions create strengths to thoughts which ultimately improve creativity.
5. Indicate positive sentiments while bringing your emotions into practice.
6. Overlook side effects due to your pure and sincere emotions. This is quite natural that people may not appreciate your purity of emotions due to their not understanding your internal feelings and approach.
7. Never mix your negative sentiment with your purity of heart. This is difficult but can be made practically possible with consciously dedicated efforts.

1. Acquire full knowledge and strength while putting your thoughts into action.
2. Calculate risks and hazards in advance while taking action to ensure a foolproof action plan.
3. Toil hard to magnify your actions because easygoing will yield slow and sluggish results.
4. Ignore other’s reactions and sentiments while taking drastic action because sometimes emotions restrict the right decisions.
5. Outsmart people who believe that you are unable to take actions strictly.
6. Never take back your decisions that can disturb your action plans.
7. Strict actions are never liked but must be taken with confidence.

I have made detailed discussions on the strengths of thoughts, emotions and action. The best and most important part is to balance these strengths in life to make it successful and happy.