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Face the Failure

Failure is a term used to describe a lack of success. This term is so overrated that it can even destroy someone’s life. Our society has made this big but I don’t think so. It is just a step back which you can overcome easily.

We all have faced failure somewhere or the other in life. Behind every success story, there are a series of events we don’t know about. Everyone struggles in their life to get to a position they have always dreamt about, to achieve what they always wanted to. Failure during this process is a hurdle that we have to cross with more strength and courage.

Here are some tips to get over it.

1. Do not lose hope: Whatever happened does not mean you are not worth it. It is just an obstacle. Cross it with the same positive attitude you had when you started it. You can still do it. In fact, you have to do it and in a much better way with much more focus. 

Overcome the fear of losing again and start fresh with a positive attitude!

A girl planting young plant on soil with a hope of good environment

2. Plan: Make a priority list and work accordingly. Set the goal and prepare yourself for the best. Do not rush into it; take it slow and step by step forward. Rushing will make it harder. Just because you failed at it once, you will have the constant fear of not repeating it, but all you have to do is trust yourself and go with the plan. 

3Avoid overthinking: Our mind is a vast web of things we create on our own. Keeping all the nonsense things out of the box, we have to work on the actually helpful things. Stop listening to people you think can create trouble for you; Stop focusing on things that are not good for you. People talk; that’s their job but intake what is good for you and your future. Drop the unnecessary stuff and throw it far away from you. Do not underestimate yourself.

4Seek help: Guidance always proves to be helpful in some or the other way. There is no harm in seeking help for something you want to work on and be successful in it. Take advantage of doing it in a better way and overcome the mistakes you made last time. You are definitely capable of doing it all on your own but a little bit of guidance can embrace it and might prove to be good.

5. Maintain a healthy mindset: Fear, loses it all. We have to get over it and maintain a sound and fresh mind to move further and make it happen this time. Fear disturbs us and simply deviates us from our path. Always remember, failure is not the end; it is just a hurdle and you have to cross it!

Not trying is bigger than failing!

6Talk: Such times are difficult and keeping it all inside you can be harmful. Talk it all out, you have people around you who are ready to help you and listen to you. People you love will never leave you alone in difficult times as such. You may feel like troubling them but sometimes it’s just fine. They will understand and may lead you to the right path. They care for you and this is the time you can actually ask them to be with you and guide you through the hardships.

7. Maintain healthy eating habits: Along with maintaining a healthy mindset eating right and healthy is also essential. Health is vital. Even if you don’t feel like eating, you should have something; to help the functioning of your brain and we definitely do not plan on stopping that. Staying fit both mentally and physically is very important. 

So, besides focusing on what we want, at a little focus on ourselves is also necessary.

Make yourself a priority!

8. Have a good sleeping schedule: we lose our sleep at such times but we have to maintain our sleep schedules. Try to keep wake and sleep times regular. Do not vary it more. This may be difficult with the temptation to work harder but try to avoid it. Large variations in sleep schedules can have the same effects as getting less than average amounts of sleep. Create a sleep-friendly environment.

9. Take some time off: Besides your aim, take some time to relax and divert your mind towards something good. Play a sport or create music, draw, write, or learn something new. There is no harm in doing something you love but limit your time and have fun without being distracted. Be creative and be at your best. Doing the same thing all the time might be boring, and gradually you may lose interest in it. So, it’s better if you take some time off and balance it well!

Feature image and poem source : Pankhudi

Believe in yourself and just do it!

There is time to seek the truth,

No matter how bitter it is to digest.

To work on your dreams,

Be right there on cloud nine.

To move on and run away from that toxic state of mind.

To archive all those bad memories.

Feel free.

To overcome fear and survive.

To manage yourself and clean all the mess.

To cope up with life and stay alive.

To love yourself because there's time for everything.

Rise and shine and make this time worth it!

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