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5 healthy foods that harm your figure

Every second girl and woman has to go on a diet. All diets consist of correct and healthy foods that can cleanse our body of toxins and toxins. Plus, many foods have a fat-burning effect. But, oddly enough, even among the healthy products there are those that harm the figure and slow down the process of losing weight.

In this article, we will consider 5 such products that many people know about, but do not know about their harm to the figure.


100 grams of soy contains as much as 400 kcal. For one meal of an average portion, the use of as much as 800 kcal is achieved. Soy, of course, is a fairly healthy product, but it should be consumed in small quantities, and it is better to exclude it from the diet at all during weight loss.

Dark chocolate

Chocolate boosts mood, speeds up metabolism and maintains abdominal fat. But there is a caveat, the allowed daily dose is 1-2 slices of chocolate. Eating higher amounts of dark chocolate leads to spikes in blood sugar and increases appetite.

A pineapple

Pineapple has a long list of beneficial properties. The fruit normalizes blood sugar levels, can help with weight loss, but only with a balanced diet. If you sit purely on pineapple and water, then the effect of weight loss can not be expected, since the fruit does not have the effect of fat burning like grapefruit, for example. Therefore, it is believed that pineapple is a useless product on the way to a slim figure.

Energy bars

Protein bars are great for snacking and are always used by athletes as a weight gainer and pre-workout energy source. But this type of sweetness is unacceptable for people who want to lose weight. Indeed, the bars contain a lot of sugar, and it is also a high-calorie product.


And yes, many yoghurts help improve digestion and are high in protein and micronutrients. But when losing weight, it is better to refuse them. Even low-fat yogrut is very high in sugar. It is better to opt for low-fat kefir.

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