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Why are bananas good for the body?

Bananas are one of the most popular fruits in the world, they contain a large number of extremely important nutrients and they are very useful for the body.

There are different varieties that differ in color, size and shape, the most popular of which is the yellow banana, which is green before it ripens.

banana contains a lot of dietary fiber
and antioxidants.

One banana contains 105 calories, of which it consists exclusively of water and carbohydrates, very little protein and almost no fat at all. Here are the health benefits of bananas when included in daily diet.

Bananas contain nutrients that help regulate blood sugar levels

They are rich in a nutrient called pectin. After each meal, pectin and other dietary fiber regulate blood sugar levels. This means that consuming bananas cannot lead to hyper or hypoglycemia. Unfortunately, this does not apply to people with diabetes.

Bananas help improve the digestive system in the body

Bananas contain mainly two types of dietary fiber: Pectin (the amount of which decreases as the banana becomes more ripe) and the so-called resistant starch (found in unripe bananas).

Resistant starch helps eliminate bacteria in the gut, while pectin helps prevent bowel cancer.

Bananas help in Weight Loss

Although bananas contain few calories, they are quite nutritious and can easily satiate a person. Also, resistant starch is known to reduce appetite.

Bananas are Good for heart health

Potassium is a mineral necessary for healthy and normal heart function, as well as for controlling blood pressure. One medium-sized banana contains nine percent of the total recommended amount of potassium that should be taken into the body daily.

In addition to potassium, they also contain a lot of magnesium, which is also full of benefits for our health.

Bananas contain a large number of antioxidants

It contains large amounts of dopamine. However, dopamine from bananas does not affect the brain (and therefore the mood), but only acts as a very strong and powerful antioxidant.

Banana help you feel full

According to research, banana greens contain more resistant starch that reduces appetite.

On the other hand, yellow banana does not contain as much resistant starch. But it is rich in soluble fiber, unlike green bananas.

Unripe bananas improve insulin sensitivity

Insulin resistance is one of the main risks of many diseases (type two diabetes). By consuming 10-30 g of resistant starch every day, it increases insulin sensitivity by up to 50 percent.

Bananas improve the health and functioning of the kidneys

One study in women for almost 13 years showed that those who ate two or three bananas a week had a 33 percent lower chance of kidney disease compared to people who did not eat bananas.

Bananas are considered “friendly” food for athletes and people who exercise regularly

Bananas can alleviate muscle cramps as well as their inflammation, which makes them the perfect food for all people who like to play sports (which has been proven in 95% of the population).

Last but not least, bananas are easy to include in your regular diet

They can be eaten as breakfast with yogurt, cereals or to be thrown into a fruit shake. They can also be used instead of sugar when cooking.

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