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6 health benefits to eat walnuts

Any nuts are healthy, they are one of the few high-calorie foods that can be eaten even on a diet. Walnuts are different from other types, they have unique properties.

Walnuts are an important component of the diet in Winter, they contain a huge amount of nutrients. Walnuts are worth highlighting among other varieties, they help the heart, brain, gallbladder. These are the six benefits of walnuts and reasons to include them in your diet.

Walnut for Heart protection
Walnuts contain a range of heart-healthy substances – alpha-linolenic acid, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin E and potassium. Omega-3 acids prevent an increase in the concentration of cholesterol in the blood and lower blood pressure. Potassium prevents the narrowing of the arteries and improves the functionality of the heart. Vitamin E keeps the arteries clean and protects them from clogging.

Walnut for Improving brain function
The omega-3 fatty acids present in walnuts improve brain function and promote stable transmission of nerve signals. These qualities improve the functioning of the brain, strengthen memory, the ability to concentrate and think clearly.

Walnut for Gallbladder protection
Walnuts help prevent the formation of gallstones and also play a significant role in the prevention of various gallbladder diseases.

Walnut for Healthy sleep
Walnuts contain a natural form of the hormone melatonin, which is needed by the human body in order to fall asleep. Melatonin is a powerful antioxidant, it makes sleep deep and healthy, makes you feel refreshed and refreshed in the morning.

In order not to experience problems with sleep, you need to eat a handful of walnuts at dinner.

Walnut for Strengthening bones
The combination of omega-3 acids and alpha-linolenic acid in walnuts supports bone health and prevents bone density loss.

Walnut for Preventing health risks
The use of walnuts helps in the prevention of such dangerous diseases like cancer, diabetes, obesity. Maintaining the normal functioning of the blood vessels reduces the risks from the cardiovascular system.

For all the benefits of walnuts, it is important to remember that they are very high in calories. You don’t need to consume large amounts of nuts to benefit from nuts. The health benefits are contained not only in the walnut kernel, but also in the shell, partitions, tannins and flavonoids in their composition are used in many folk recipes.

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