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Best Gaming Phone under 15000 to Buy in 2022

Video gaming can significantly raise the grey matter and enhance cognitive interconnection. It’s no surprise that the smartphone gaming industry is increasing. Console phones have broken the record and generated massive revenue. According to studies, mobile game players downloaded a whopping number of games, estimated at 3.8 billion.

Gaming mobile phones mandate a powerful processor to run without a bump in the road and give a smooth gaming experience. Recognizing this, smartphone manufacturers have developed designs with proficient hardware in the inexpensive segment of the market. Here is a selection of the top gaming mobile phones under Rs. 15,000 for game players.

1. Realme 9i

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Realme9i is One of the best gaming smartphones under Rs. 15,000, which includes a 6.6-inch FHD+ LCD with a variable framerate of 90Hz. The system contains a Snapdragon 680 SoC of up to 6GB of RAM and loads up to 5G virtual RAM. Other functionalities of the Realme 9i incorporate a side-mounted fingerprint scanner and a 5000mAh charger with 33W fast charging.

Realme 9i features include:

  • Side Fingerprint Scanner
  • 3.5 mm Audio Jack
  • Face Locks
  • Comes in two primary colors black and blue

You can buy it for Rs. 13999-/.

2. Motorola Motto G31

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The Moto G31 attempts to fill the void left by its predecessor, the Moto G30 but falls short of the mark. This low-cost Moto showcases a MediaTek Helio G85 processor, an AMOLED display, a cloud of IPX2 dust, and resistance to water rating. Its monocoque concept is similar to Moto G30, but it is polycarbonate and does not feel cheap. The new AMOLED display is a massive upgrade over the G30’s Led screen, but it only has a 60Hz frame rate. Including the usual Moto expressions, there’s a near-stock version of Android 11. Effectiveness is moderate for a budget smartphone in this price bracket, and there are smartphones with similar pricing but superior hardware. This variation of Motorola costs Rs. 11999-/.

Features of Motorola G31 gaming phone :

  • Amazing camera quality; you can not only play games smoothly but also click pictures in high quality.
  • Has an a50mp2 sensor
  • Allows you to click pictures in motion.
  • Supports two color variations Baby blue and mineral grey

3. Xiaomi Poco M3

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With a 6.53-inch full HD display, Xiaomi provides the best visuals. The smartphone has a Snapdragon662 Processor—a battery of 6000 mAh. The phone costs Rs. 14999-/. It has amongst the best gaming processors for a mobile phone.

Features of Xiaomi Poco M3 gaming phone :

  • Supports wireless charging.
  • Has a cool liquid technology.
  • Supports fast charging.
  • Sold in some magnificent color variations like Night black, moonlight silver, deep ocean blue, and artic white
  • Comes with a 48-megapixel camera.

4. Infinix Hot 11s

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The Infinix Hot 11S is a minimal-cost smartphone crafted for gamers. Infinix is one of the best gaming phones of 2022. It has an elevated screen that gamers will applaud and a decent budget SoC competent for mid-level gameplay.

While the polycarbonate appears stylish, it has a shiny protective layer that feels cheap and tends to attract splotches. The screen, on the other side, is quite prone to fingerprints. Because of the big display, this phone is tricky to be used with one hand. The sound system complements the widescreen screen. They are adequately loud and function properly well for gaming. Because of the restricted Widevine L3 credential, broadcast movies were confined to SD resolution.

The battery life is outstanding, and charging is quick, making this mobile phone suitable for individuals who wish to play games comfortably on their mobile phones. Infinix is one of the best under-budget gaming phones. The phone costs Rs. 9999-/ only.

Features of Infinix Hot 11s gaming phone:

  • Comes with a dual camera
  • Has an ambient light sensor
  • Available in some very trendy colors like a green wave, purple, polar balck
  • Supports a proximity sensor

5. Redmi 10 prime

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The Redmi 10 Prime maintains the family aesthetic and includes a 6.5-inch solid full-HD+ display with a refresh rate of 90Hz. It has a fingerprint sensor on the plastic body on the side and a 4×4 system on the back.

The phone is powered by a MediaTek Helio G88 SoC and shows up with 4GB or 6GB of RAM and 64GB or 128Gb internal memory. The phone has a 6,000mAh battery and claims to support 18W fast charging, making it one of the best processors for gaming mobile. It is driven by MIUI 12.5 on top of Android 11.

Features of Redmi10 prime gaming phone:

  • Has a stereo speaker
  • Supports fast charging of 18W and reverse charging of 9W
  • Comes in three colors Bifrost blue, heavenly white, and Phantom Black

6. Motorola G51

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The Moto G51 is Motorola’s other low-cost 5G smartphone. It is the G series’ second 5G smartphone after the Moto G 5G. Motorola’s moderately priced 5G smartphone may have shown up late in 2021, but it has a few distinctive characteristics.

It has a carbon fiber design and weighs 208g, but it also has an IP52 overall score against water resistance, which the competitive rivalry does not have.

The effectiveness of operating systems is seamless and fluid, thanks partly to near-stock Android software with a few Motorola-specific adjustments. The 120Hz high refresh rate screen also contributes to the ease and inflow of the software experience.

Features of Motorola G51 gaming phone :

  • Available in colors like Indigo blue, bright silver, and aqua blue
  • Has a proximity sensor
  • Supports Dual sim
  • Supports a 3.5mm jack

Things you should know before buying a gaming phone

After knowing about some of the best in-budget gaming phones, let us spark some light on why you should get a gaming phone and things you should know before buying a gaming phone.

1. Superior battery life

There is no competition with game phones when it comes to battery life. Loaded-up battery lifespan can be a helpful future for people who work from their phones. It’ll save you from carrying the charger or power bank with you.

2. Display rate

Your screen’s refresh rate refers to how quickly it can draw a new picture per second. This redrawing rate can be defined in Hertz (Hz). For instance, if your screen has a refresh rate of 144Hz, the image is refreshed at 144 frames per second (via Intel). A fast frame rate makes your mobile phone feel seamless over almost every visual task you do on it.

3. They do not have a good camera

If you are someone who uses their phone camera for work or likes to click photos very often, a gaming phone might not be an ideal choice for you. As the name says, gaming phones are created for gaming, and there is much more focus on the refresh rate, screen size, and display quality than the camera quality.

4. Improved conduct

Gaming phones perform relatively better than conventional phones. They can have faster refresh rates for an improved viewing experience that your eyes will praise, yet most now have longer battery life. Nevertheless, if you’re not an avid game player, you probably do not necessitate these functionalities.

5. Look for cooling abilities

if your device is going to have to run games, it will get warm, which will necessarily entail decent cooling first before temperature influences the quality of your processor. This heating up of mobile phones is called throttling, but it is something that video game players seek to prevent. Many gaming phones would have some sophisticated convective cooling formed into the smartphone.


Gaming phones are becoming popular these days, and there is no doubt a generation of outstanding gaming phones is near and will only continue to increase. Remember to look up the best mobile processor for gaming phones before choosing.

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