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Your Subtle Guide to Buy the Best Bikes Under 2 Lakhs

If you search for the bikes, you will get a plethora of results making you feel overwhelmed. However, all these choices come down to one point- your budget. Maximum people prefer buying bikes under 2 lakhs. Several attractive options can be availed within this competitive price point. Multiple styles of bikes are available for riders, ranging from sporty and high-performing models to comfortable tourers. Here is your guide to help you choose the best bikes under 2 Lakhs.

Factors To Consider as a Rider

You should remember that the market is full of options when it comes to bikes. Now, as mentioned above, many models can make the bike search and discovery process slightly confusing for newbies. But fret not; here are a few pointers that may help-

Do your homework

Find out the different models, i.e., sports bikes, cruiser bikes, naked bikes, and more. Compare their salient features and differences before choosing.

Understand yourself

Choosing a bike is not just an investment decision but a long-term one. So don’t let it be an impulsive one. Instead, remember that it must be tailored to your personality, preferences, and budget. Hence, the key to finding the best bike is understanding your temperament, specific requirements, lifestyle, travel needs, etc.

Aesthetics do matter

Make sure that you choose something you won’t regret later. Looks are subjective, but you can take your time and compare various models before finalizing the right one.

Keep practicality in the equation

Apart from your budget, make room for other practical considerations like the features, mileage, engine capacity, power, and torque figures, and so on. After all, your focus should also be on getting the best value for your money.

Investing a little time and energy into the bike purchase process is always recommended. Follow the tips above to narrow the best bike under 2 lakhs.

Best Bikes under 2 Lakhs

1. Bajaj Dominar 250

A machine meant for ruling the roads and highways, this is one of the best bikes under 2 lakhs. There is a DOHC liquid cooled 27 PS engine that ensures superior performance. It is crafted for active touring purposes and comes with class-leading USD forks, a handy perimeter frame, and a slipper clutch. There is also dual-channel ABS along with a full-LED headlight. It comes with a double-overhead camshaft along with a fuel-injected and liquid-cooled engine. The engine also makes 23.5 Nm of maximum torque. There is also a six-speed gearbox which enables better cruising at higher speeds.

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The bike also comes with a muscular design along with a striking silhouette. Its twin barrel exhaust setup is another nifty addition, offering a wonderful bass note. The German seat offers thick padding with a premium experience for users. Being one of the best bikes under 2 lakhs, it also gets class-leading forks and a specialist slipper clutch.

The LCD split-reverse display unit also offers handy information and other readouts, while there are twin-channel ABS for higher safety. The AHO (auto headlamp on) feature is integrated into the full LED headlamp. The bike also comes with excellent braking abilities for its front disc. The integrated bungee straps also ensure easy luggage tying, thereby greatly boosting the Dominar 250’s touring abilities.

2. Bajaj Pulsar RS200

The Bajaj Pulsar RS200 comes with a starting price of Rs. 171,021 (ex-showroom, New Delhi). It offers a powerful DTS-i Triple Spark FI 24.5 PS engine and highly advanced liquid cooling features. It also comes with ABS and safe braking systems alongside. In addition, the anti-friction bush and telescopic suspension system combine to ensure better balance and cornering.

Fuel economy is also decent; there is better control and precision while maneuvering the Bajaj Pulsar RS200. It is indeed one of the best bikes under 2 lakhs for its powerful 249.07 cc engine and stylish design. The pleasing note of the exhaust is another nice touch, making it a compelling proposition for buyers. If you consider comfort, this bike will ensure the same with its mono-shock suspension setup.

You will also like the infinity display setup, which shows all the readouts. A USB mobile charging port greatly adds to overall convenience. The smart fuel reading feature is another helpful addition, along with the gear indicator. The 300 mm front and 230 mm rear discs take care of braking. You can naturally expect a better grip on a variety of surfaces.


Other than these, there are various other options such as Bajaj Pulsar 250 Dual Channel ABS, Bajaj Pulsar 250, Bajaj Pulsar NS 200, Bajaj Avenger 220 Cruiser, Bajaj Avenger 260 Street and more.

As can be seen, these are the best bikes under 2 lakhs, each representing distinct features. The Dominar 250 is more suited for long-distance touring and highway rides, while the Pulsar RS200 is a mean machine geared toward ensuring high performance and a sporty feel. Hence, you should compare all these models and choose them per your specific requirements. The price difference is negligible, and this makes both compelling propositions. Take your time and select one as per your preferences. Visit Bajaj’s website and check out all the best bikes under 2 Lakhs along with their specifications. After all, your bike should sync with your personality above everything else! Use the guide mentioned above to filter bike models with ease.

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