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Top 10 Best Online Jewellery Shopping Sites in India

Wearing jewellery is a traditional custom in our country. Indian women are often seen in jewellery made of gold and silver during Teej festivals or wedding ceremonies. Jewellery enhances the beauty of women and is a great option for investment. People buy gold on Dhanteras and Diwali as a financial treasure.

In India, people usually prefer buying jewellery by personally visiting the jewellery store, to explore the range in designs and also identifying the originality of jewellery pieces they are buying with their own hands. But, in today’s time, everything is online; you can even purchase a pen online, so why not jewellery? Also, during this pandemic purchasing online jewellery is the best option.

It’s a little difficult for online jewellers to capture the attention of the Indian market. However, many online jewellery shopping sites offer original, certified jewellery pieces and get a good response from the Indian population. Let’s explore the top 10 best online jewellery shopping sites in India.

Top 10 Online Jewellery Shopping Store in India

1. Malabar Gold and Diamonds

Malabar Gold and Diamonds is one of India’s largest chains of jewellery stores. It is a BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) certified jewellery group that was founded in 1993. As the name says, it offers a huge variety of designs in gold and diamond. You can find quality earpieces for trendy wedding jewellery at Malabar Gold and Diamonds. It is currently available with 260 stores globally and serves its customers online. is the online jewellery shopping store service Malabar provides to customers.

They won’t let you take a step out of your house as they deliver your favourite jewellery set with express delivery. Easy returns and refund options are available on their website. Also, they provide the feature of customization. If you like a ring in gold and want to customise it with platinum, they will provide you with good quality at your doorstep.

Reasons to choose  Malabar Gold and Diamonds

  • Offering buy-back policy
  • Provides Product insurance for Solitaire
  • Conflict-free Diamonds and Ethical diamonds
  • No involvement of middle-men

2. CaratLane

CaratLane is a jewellery brand available in both online and physical stores. It has a partnership with Tanishq which itself is a renowned jewellery brand. Caratlane offers a very fine collection of diamond and gold jewellery online.

The website of CaratLane also has a “Try at Home” option, which lets you select the designs before purchasing any jewellery set at the comfort of your home. According to CaratLane, a purchaser saves upto 30% while buying jewellery online compared to the prices in the jewellery market.

Here are some top collections of CaratLane

  • Aaranya – artistic patterns of wood grains
  • Peacock – skilful combination of gold, diamonds, and enamels in shades of blue, green, and yellow
  • Mandala – Inspired by graceful symmetry of “Mandalas”

Reasons to choose CaratLane

  • More than 50+ stores across India
  • Fast and free delivery
  • Sales representative support on both Website and offline Store
  • Diamonds are GIA, IGI, or HRD Certified

3. PC Jewellers

PC Jewellers is a very well-known Jewellery brand in India that deals in different collections of jewellery from basic, to stylish, from traditional to fusion mix jewellery; you can find every variety here!

PC jewellers provide quality jewellery pieces online with BIS Hallmark, free shipping, easy returns option at transparent prices. You can find an enormous range of unique designs on this online jewellery shopping store. You can visit and explore their collections ranging from earrings to gold coins.

PC jewellers website also have a section, where you can get customize designs, customization in existing design by PC jewellers, or upload the design and get it done by them. They also provide try at home service, all you have to contact the customer service and get it arranged.

Here are some top collections of PC jewellers, that you can checkout on their website

  • “Dashavtar”
  • Azva
  • Plique-a’-jour Collection
  • Lal Quila
  • Amalia
  • Pik See
  • Inayat
  • La Danza

Reasons to choose PC Jewellers

  • Availability of easy exchange and return option
  • Tradition with sophistication
  • Focuses on intricacy and usability of jewellery
  • BIS Hallmark certified

4. Candere by Kalyan Jewellers

Candere is the online jewellery store by Kalyan Jewellers, which is considered amongst the list of top-most jewellers in India and has a remarkable presence all across India. Bollywood Icon Amitabh Bacchan is the brand ambassador of this famous jewellery brand. You can find the best quality diamond and gold jewellery including rings, necklaces, pearls, gold, diamond, white gold, gemstones, etc. with a wide range of designs and discounts on jewellery at

Kalyan Jewellers have many brands that are creating and offering unique and perfectly-finished designs. Some of the Kalyan Jeweller brands are:

  • Mudhra – Handcrafted Antique Jewellery
  • Anokhi – uncut diamond
  • Rang – precious stones
  • Vedha – heritage jewellery and uncut diamonds
  • Tejasvi – Polki Diamonds
  • Apoorva – diamonds for special occasions
  • Candere – Online Jewellery Store

Online buying saves you a few bucks and time; you get better discounts on online stores. They offer zero making charges on diamond jewellery if purchased online.

Reasons to choose Kalyan Jewellers

  • The strong legacy of 112 years
  • Irresistible range from classic to contemporary designs
  • Ethical, honest, and transparent business practices

5. Tanishq

Tanishq is quite popular in the jewellery market because of its trendy and classy designs. This brand belongs to the TATA group and provides its jewellery pieces in offline and online shopping stores. You can see the collection of Tanishq on

Here are some top collections from Tanishq online jewellery store –

  • Aarambh – “Adorn a new dawn”
  • Preen – “Own it. Flaunt it.”
  • Gulnaaz
  • Aveer
  • Glitterati
  • Swayahm
  • Ahalya

You can choose from a wide range of rings, earrings, bracelets, gold and diamond necklaces online. It also offers 20% off on diamond jewellery and other discounts on exclusive jewellery designs. Some key reasons why you should consider Tanishq for purchasing jewellery include its free shipping, 100% original quality and purity’s guarantee as well.

Reasons to choose Tanishq

  • Exclusive designs
  • Superior craftsmanship
  • Superlative product quality
  • Design customizations with purity
  • Icon jewellery collection

6. BlueStone

BlueStone is a huge player in the online jewellery business in India. It was launched in 2011 with a USP of “Try it Before you Buy it,” which made them famous very soon. Currently, there are more than 5000+ designs available on Bluestone online jewellery store. You can experience luxurious jewellery shopping from your comfort with their “Try at home” service.

BlueStone has immense trendy jewellery in their catalogue. They offer free shipping all over India, but it’s better to verify your pin code to check the availability of their to your location. BlueStone also provides international shipping service, but currently return or exchanges policy is not valid on international deliveries. Also, Customers can opt for “Next day Delivery” service, if they want their jewellery piece urgently.

Here are some top collections of BlueStone that you must check out

  • Greece – “Greek Architecture”
  • Meraki – “springtime for gold”
  • BossStone – “Boardroom Glam”
  • Slider Rings – “slide your style”

The official website of Blue Stone is They also offer a 30-day money-back policy, lifetime exchange and buyback service, and 100% pure and certified.

Reasons to choose Blue Stone

  • Lifetime exchange and buy-back policy
  • Solitaire and other jewellery prices are much lower than the local jeweller
  • Try it before you buy it and Try at Home services
  • Free shipping on all products within India

7. Sukkhi

Sukkhi is an online appealing jewellery brand founded in 2012. Sukkhi has become the most selling online jewellery brand in a very short period. They also sell their designs on the most used online shopping platforms – Amazon, Flipkart, and Myntra. You can also purchase jewellery directly from their website

You can find a variety of jewellery for ethnic to the high-class party. They also sell men’s jewellery such as chains, rings, bracelets, and watches. Once you place the order on their website, you can easily track your package until you receive it. They have been selling good quality for many years and have good reviews.

Here are some top collections of Sukkhi

  • Oxidized Jewellery
  • Contemporary Necklaces
  • Peacock Collection
  • Temple Jewellery
  • CZ Collection
  • Rhodium Plated Jewellery
  • String Jewellery Collection
  • Pearl Collection
  • Jalebi Collection
  • Love Collection

Reasons to choose Sukkhi

  • Artificial but splendrous quality in jewellery
  • Highly competitive pricing policy
  • Statutory warranty for a period of 6 months

7. Pipa Bella

Pipa Bella is an online artificial jewellery brand. They offer the latest fashion trends and classics with a variety of thousand plus styles in their jewellery. This online jewellery set store sells artificial jewellery such as customized pendants, bracelets, name lockets, earrings, and necklaces. They also have a huge variety of gold and silver-plated jewellery, which are worn by many famous influencers.

Pipa Bella presents a wide range of trendy jewellery – from 18 Karat gold-plated charm bracelets, personalized jewellery, statement earrings, ear jackets, Swarovski pendants, chandelier earrings, engraving, statement necklaces, big fashion earrings, pendant designs, cocktail rings,  silver earrings, antique silver jewellery, and statement cuffs.

The official website of Pipa Bella is When it comes to buying jewellery online, people worry about whether the quality will match the standards and whether the product will look the same when delivered to you. But Pipa Bella tries to address these questions and provide assurance with chat support on their website.

Reasons to choose Pipa Bella

  • Option for occasion and price filters makes jewellery shopping hassle-free
  • Store credits on returns
  • Seamless experience to buy gold and silver plated jewellery

9. Velvet Case

Velvetcase is a well-known option for buying custom and fine quality jewellery pieces. It offers elegant and classic designs with a personal touch; you can see a traditional to modern jewellery variety on Velvetcase. They also have offline stores available where you can try and buy jewellery.

The official website of Velvet Case is Customization in designs is available on the website. Every jewellery is 100% lab certified, and secure payment options are available.

Top Collections offered by velvet Case

  • Pearly Affair – Birth Stone for June
  • Golden Hues – always in trend
  • Best friends forever

Reasons to choose Velvet Case

  • Ship 3-D model print to the customer before sending the customised product.
  • Augmented reality technology: through the use of imaging
  • 400+ trusted brands for customizations

10. Voylla

Voylla is an Indian fashion jewellery shopping store that offers ever-stylish jewellery for men and women. You can find collections ranging from classic to trendy designs on You can find quality gold and silver plated necklaces. Recently, Voylla added a category of imitation necklace pieces with enormous designs that can suit every woman’s jewellery needs.

Here are some top collections of Voylla you must check out

  • Gwalior – “Exhibiting the play-fullness of Chambal”
  • Sangemarmar – “The closest thing to magic”
  • Butterfly – “Unfolding the wings of possibilities”
  • Jaali Pearl – “Making every stare worth it”
  • Love knots– “for the never-ending love”
  • Thikri – “Joy embellished with tiny mirror work”
  • Southern Bling – “Divinity at its best”

Reasons to choose Voylla

  • 100% skin-friendly jewellery pieces
  • Impeccably crafted jewellery
  • 200+ stores to shop in Delhi, Pune and Bangalore
  • Exclusive designs against statement “ I’ve seen that before”


These are the trusted best online jewellery shopping sites of India that will help you find your matching jewellery piece at the comfort of your home. Buying jewellery online is a daunting task. We Indian’s have a habit of purchasing items personally by touching with our hands to find the quality and durability of the item. Same goes with jewellery shopping. However, many jewellery businesses have shifted to online shopping stores to provide their customers with more creative and unique designs. It’s not easy to buy gold jewellery online but the above-mentioned shopping sites assure you with the quality and support after purchase.

Before buying jewellery pieces on any of these websites, please checkout the FAQ section on these jewellery websites as it will answer most of your questions – regarding discounts, shipping, returns, payment method, certifications, customizations, etc. Shopping online saves the inconvenience and hassle of check-out. It’s better to navigate web pages rather than navigate traffic. Also, You get good discounts too.

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