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The Story behind the Famous Car Company Logos, Names, and Meaning

Car company logos have become increasingly popular over the years and have considerably impacted today’s world. A car logo of a famous brand such as Bentley, Ford, BMW, etc., has captured the attention of youth and old alike.

Every car company logo has a unique design and style to attract the maximum number of customers. Many serious car enthusiasts now take car logos more seriously. They don’t take them as just a marketing tactic. It holds great value for them and is a powerful sign of wealth and their personality. The owners of these brands, their employees, and some car enthusiasts wear them on their clothes as cufflinks and lapel pins—some resort to wearing badges of their favorite car logo.

If you are new to the world of cars and want to understand the craze behind vehicles, you can read this article to find out more. Please go through this article to know more about some famous car logos and their meanings.

It’s all about Branding

Many car companies have different ways of branding their cars. Every car from every company holds the mark of their company. Some companies have their logo as a good ornament or a simple badge.

Affordable car brands usually use an essential emblem such as the Ford badge. However, expensive and luxurious cars use hood ornaments to make them stand out. Car Barnes such as Rolls Royce and Bentley, have these hood ornaments, which are small and intricately sculpted figurines placed at the front or back of the car. However, many people steal these beautiful figurines from their vehicles. So, car companies are increasingly moving away from placing figures to brand their vehicles.

List of famous Car company logos

1. Aston Martin Logo

Mostly Car company logos usually try to express freedom and speed through their symbols. For example, they use widespread wings to show the freedom and speed you would get by driving their cars. The British company Aston Martin follows this and has branches in their car logo.

This car company was founded in 1913 by Lionel Martin and Robert Bamford. Aston Martin quickly gained popularity and fame due to its high quality.

The original Aston Martin logo combined A and M with wings in 1927. Since then, many changes have been made to the logo, but the wings have remained in the logo for a long time. The logo always has the Aston Martin name with wings in it. The latest logo has green in it to symbolize wealth and luxury. The wings show the speed you can achieve with this luxurious car and are creative.

2. Alfa Romeo Logo

The Alfa Romeo logo is among the most intricate and classy logos. The company focuses on Italian values, and the emblem shows certain features that have been taken over 100 years. The first car logo for the Alfa Romeo company was designed back in 1918 by Romano Cattaneo. It was incredibly intricate. The present badge still shows some features of the old logo, although a bit simplified.

The present logo has on the right side a beautiful Biscione snake eating a man and a Milanese cross on a white background. Many people wonder about the Alfa Romeo logo’s meaning. The Biscione snake stands for Visconti house, the rulers of Milanese for the 14th century. The car logo has red, blue, gold, and green, which shows indulgence, quality, and purity.

3. Bentley logo

Bentley is an iconic car company counted among the most prestigious cars in the United Kingdom. They are famous worldwide. Walter Owen Bentley founded the Bentley car company in 1919. The present logo has wings related to the company’s original name, Bentley Aero. The founder, Walter Owen Bentley, had a company that manufactured rotary engines for planes during the World War. The wings in the logo are probably linked to this history. It signifies freedom and speed today.

4. Audi logo

Audi has a minimalistic logo and is among the most straightforward logos for luxury cars. The Audi logo’s meaning is beautiful and simple too. The four rings represent the merger between the four oldest car companies in 1932 Germany. Audi was created by merging Horch, DKW, Wanderer, and Audi.

The four companies, after merging, called themselves the Auto union; however, they changed this after 1985. Since 1985, the four rings logo has stayed consistent with Audi’s brand. Most people think Audi’s four circles signify the four wheels of a car. It is an exciting connection, and Audi themselves has acknowledged this.

5. Bugatti logo

Ettore Bugatti founded the Bugatti company. It has a simple logo with the founder’s name on it. Most famous logos hold the founder’s name. Ettore Bugatti is remembered and made eternal as every new car has the Bugatti logo on it. The company was founded in 1909 in Italy. It quickly became a favorite among people as they are luxurious, fast, and high-quality. They sell costly and limited cars. Only 8000 vehicles were manufactured after the founder passed away. The market for fast sports cars was taken over by Volkswagen instead.

6. BMW logo

BMW is a favorite worldwide since it manufactures trustworthy, high-quality cars with beautiful and creative designs. Many car enthusiasts are huge fans of the BMW company and its vehicles. The BMW logo meaning has been in dispute for years now. BMW used to manufacture planes, so people interpreted the logo to stand for the blue sky and a propeller for airplanes.

The BMW company was founded in Bavaria. Certain people think that the logo is connected to Bavaria. They believe the emblem has the name BMW on it with the flag of Bavaria in the center.

Whatever the meaning, the logo is excellent, beautifully designed, easy to recognize, and stays in people’s memories. The colors are perfect, as blue and white convey reliability.

7. Cadillac logo

The Cadillac logo conveys reliability and strength through its beautiful design. The current logo is a modernized version of the older logo design of the brand. The family name of Le Sieur Antoine De La Mothe Cadillac was present on the original logo of the Cadillac cars.

Cadillac is an old company founded in Detroit, Michigan, in 1707. The founder of Cadillac named the company after himself.

People don’t readily recognize that the logo shows the coat of arms of Detroit’s founder, which was easily recognizable in the past. However, the modernized version of the logo doesn’t have a few essential details, such as a shield present in older versions. The new design looks very similar to the older one. The red and gold color in the logo shows luxury and power. It is an easily recognizable logo today.

8. Buick logo

The Buick car company is part of the much bigger General Motors Brand. It was established in 1899 by Dunbar Buik. It is among the first American car companies, and the logo has many features depicting its fantastic history. Even though the logo has changed multiple times over the years, the shield remains consistent. The current logo has three shields that signify the founder’s coat of arms history.

The logo has three shields of different colors which stand for the three top cars manufactured by the brand, Invicta, Electra, and LeSabre. The emblem has silver shades representing the company is forward-thinking and modern.

9. Chrysler logo

The Chrysler logo is beautifully designed and looks incredibly sophisticated and sleek. The Chrysler company was part of the Stellantis brand. The current logo was made by taking inspiration from the Kruessler crest. The company then added a pair of wings to signify their high quality. Certain professionals believe the Chrysler logo was made to look like a royal wax seal.

Chrysler has often experimented with other designs for its logo, such as a Pentastar and different shapes, but they always return to the wings. The current Chrysler logo looks extremely graceful and elegant.

10. Chevrolet logo

The Chevrolet has a bowtie logo which is exceptionally well-known and beautiful. The co-founder of General Motors and Chevrolet proposed the original logo design by recreating a repeated design he observed on a French wallpaper. However, years later, his wife came forward and denied this story. She says her husband said an ad inspired the design in the newspaper.

Louis Chevrolet was Swedish, and some people think he wanted to pay his respects to them and made the logo look similar to the Swiss Cross. The emblem of Chevrolet today has a strong shape, and beautifully intense colors like silver and gold show off the car’s wealth, resilience, and quality.

11. Ford logo

Ford has been in of the first original companies in the automobile manufacturing industry. Their logo has pretty much remained the same over the years. The simple logo is easy to remember and recognizable by people. The Ford car logo has had a blue oval since 1927. They have used a beautiful script to write the company’s name in white on the oval. The white was chosen to show purity and clarity. It looked like the signature of Henry Ford and was created by Childe Harold Wills, a Ford Chief engineer.

12. Hyundai logo

Hyundai’s logo looks simple and doesn’t look as impressive as the other car logos on this list. It has been mistaken for the Honda logo a few times too. However, many people see a unique value in Hyundai’s logo.

The company has confirmed publicly that the logo’s meaning is what most people think it is. The logo is designed in a way to represent the H of Hyundai and also shows two people shaking hands with each other. They have deliberately put an oval to encase the H. It is to signify the inclusivity and internationality which the company stands for.

13. Honda logo

It is not necessary to have a complicated and intricate design for a logo to be memorable and famous. The Honda logo demonstrates this as it has a simple design and is still one of the most recognizable logos worldwide. It is a capital H placed in the middle of a rectangle with curved corners. The Honda logo meaning is quite apparent.

The name Honda was given by the company’s founder, Soichiro Honda. He says the H stands for more than just the company’s name.

Although the H does stand for the company’s name, it also looks like a person is standing with his arms raised towards the sky, celebrating his victory. This is why the top part of the logo is much wider than the bottom.

14. Jaguar logo

Jaguar is a famous car brand and is counted among powerful brands like Ferrari and Bugatti. The Jaguar logo exudes strength, power, and luxury. The Jaguar logo was an obvious choice showing a strong Jaguar leaping with his teeth.

This logo was made to acknowledge the Swallow Sidecar business, which manufactured SS Jaguar in the 1930s. The logo is incredibly eye-catching and signifies beauty, strength, and power. Many car companies use animals in their car logos.

15. Infiniti logo

Infiniti has a powerful and recognizable logo. It is part of the Nissan luxury brand and has a partial metallic oval and a triangle in the middle. The branding team of the brand states that the car logo wasn’t made simply to be eye-catching. The triangle has a deeper meaning that shows a road leading to infinity. The design is incredibly thoughtful and creative. It is a simple yet significant design. The car brand is relatively new, yet it is pretty popular and has made a name for itself and Nissan.

16. Lamborghini logo

Lamborghini is a trendy and well-known luxury car brand. The car logo exudes quality and class. It has an animal mascot and was made for the premium market. The bull shows strength and stands for the founder Ferruccio Lamborghini’s interest in bullfighting. This car company has used bullfighting terms for car names. The colors black and gold were intelligent choices as they show luxury and quality, while the shape representing a shield signifies reliability.


Car logos are pretty famous. Most people are unaware of the rich history behind many renowned car logos. Car companies carefully choose their logos to represent companies with deep meaning. It is not simply a marketing gimmick but something that holds meaning to many people. Many people passionately follow car logos and wear their favorite ones proudly.

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