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Depression, depression, depression, everywhere people are talking about it. A random report says that more than 30 percent of people are living with depression. The authenticity of this report and the process of identification of such cases and numbers are under question. Because if we look back to our life, we find that sometime somewhere, we all have confronted this state of mind, which is called depression.

We could not do well in the classroom. We lost our prestigious match on the ground. Our parents are not happy with us. Our friends do not pay equal importance. We are not getting an excellent job as we dreamt.
Job conditions are not congenial and soothing as we wanted. Our immediate boss is not with us. In the family, our spouse is not cooperative. These are some examples that I could be able to identify as reasons for depression. But I am sure you can get to know more than this.

Now tell me how many of us could not have faced these situations, which forced us to enter a kind of depression for some time?

But what makes us feel bad and concerned when people take the course of ending life instead of finding ways and means to win over depression.

Life is the most beautiful creation of God in the form of humankind, who is living in the most beautiful world. And the creator God Almighty is always available for us to get a solution to our problems. The only thing required is to believe HIM.

Now I wish to lay down some fundamentals of our life based on my experiences.

1. life is made to live whatever is the conditions of living.
2. We are staging our role with a certain amount of commitment, and we cannot run away.
3. We are connecting with many persons in our life and liable to keep them happy without exception. We have no choice but to discharge our duties.
4. In our profession or job, we need to perform with sincerity and honesty but cannot claim any reward.
5. Accept what destiny has written but do not challenge its author.
6. Finally, go to Him and ask for everything with full conviction and devotional love. He will listen to you. But do not ever think of ending precious life.

Life made to live, and we cannot ditch the CREATOR.

Hopefully, perception about this phenomenon is well-tried to explain as per my understanding of the subject.