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Sometimes I question myself who am I and why I am here. But the question remains unanswered. I ask others the same question but remain unanswered. Reason being as far as I understand that people do not want to discuss much on this subject. Why it is so, I do not know.

But one thing I surely know that without knowing well about it, I will not be able to satisfy my eager to know.
Whatever I look around is full of various activities, including worship of GOD in different ways. But what is divine order or philosophy, we still know very little about it.

Today I tried to get into divinity by different facets of life which I divided into seven parts to make it easy to understand.

We all believe in truthfulness and have full faith that our divine power love those who practice truthfulness in life through our thoughts, emotions, and action.

Aagrah: ARE YOU A PART OF DIVINITY? Duty-fullness.

Our life is designed in such a way that we are bound to perform our duties in all sphere of life. If we defy this order of divinity, we are challenging the POWER in many ways.

Whenever we read any religious book, we always get so many discussions on peace in life. When we visit any place of worship, we are expected to remain peaceful.

Love is God and God is love. We all know this, but still, hatred is continuing to all over the places. Divine order does not allow this. Love for all, including all creatures and nature, is much bigger than any worship. This is well described in all sacred books and sculpture.

Aagrah: ARE YOU A PART OF DIVINITY? Non-violence.

Violence is the result of outrages which are not accepted by God Almighty. Therefore divinity preaches us to remain peaceful and non-violent under all conditions.


Aagrah: ARE YOU A PART OF DIVINITY? Generosity.

All human beings are like brothers and sisters as far as behaviour is concerned. Ill-treatment in any form has no place in our civilised society which is governed by divine gospels.

When we love humanity, we become generous and develop concern for the welfare of all human beings and nature. Divinity means to live and let us live. Love all and be loved by all. Be concerned for all and get concerned by all.

Hope with little knowledge I have; I tried to express my concern about divinity which is the gift of life to remain peaceful and happy.

Thanks with love.