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Who is the Real Virus?

This pandemic called covid19 visited our country on 30th January and no one could ever have imagined that it will get this terrible, we think that staying in our houses under a safe roof with food to eat and water to drink and with people to love and to be loved is a problem,

What about those people who are stepping outside their houses every day for our safety the healthcare department, the policemen, the vegetable sellers. Those people whom we forgot to value throughout our lives are resulting to be the most important people by keeping us sound and safe and alive.

Do you think that the world is cleaner, prettier, less polluted due to this virus, No, it is because the real virus the humans are lockdown inside their houses.

Yamuna is cleaner, the water of Ganga can be consumed, The sky is more visible, stars which the new generation kids had never seen can be viewed,

Seriously! Was this too much to expect for, we could not take care of our environment, our planet for so many decades and a 2 Month Lockdown was all that was needed.

Still, we are nagging about being locked inside our houses, what about those birds which we buy and keep them locked in cages for so long that they even forget how to fly.

Maybe it is the time for us to stop looking outside and peep what is inside, is it that beautiful and peaceful as we portray it to be or pretend in front of everyone.

To heal ourselves, to mend those broken pieces back together, those scars those wounds which we have left unhealed for so long now. To spend time with our family members, to callback old friends to sort out those quarrels and grudges that are hidden somewhere deep inside us.

Rather than considering it as a pause from the world and our daily life cycle, why not consider it as a pause to make yourself!
stop looking outside and peep inside yourself for once.

Are we really that perfect? Are we really that happy? If the answer is no then to  ask yourself why, if those little kids in the slums can be happy even after having just one meal a day

Then what is that we don’t have, even if after all these monetary luxuries we cannot find happiness amongst us, maybe it is because you just cannot buy this invaluable item, you gotta find it and now is the right time,

Maybe this is how it was meant to be, so stop blaming it on others and take a look at it from another perspective.

You can silent the chaos inside, you can make peace with yourself.  It’s time and the time is now. If you won’t let things work in your favor then even if they will be in your favor they won’t be. While others are standing up for the world stand up for yourself right now.

Get out of the bed, stop binge-watching that old show, again and again, stop thinking about the past which you cannot change. Stop blaming yourself for the mistakes which you did not do. Go and cook something, read that book which is kept in your bookshelf for years, write that article, post that picture, go and hug your parents and tell them how much you love them.

Stop Self Hating and start Self Loving.

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