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Let lockdown ends, not the improved life

Before this lockdown, I had a very monotonous life every day.

I used to wake up for work not because I want to but because I have to. I used to feel a certain level of imposition which was uplifted with this lockdown. Now I can wake up at any time, sleep any time, and although it may sound a little trash living, in the end, I have the choice to get things done either this way or the other way (Disciplined living). The feeling of being free from the chaos of everyday commute, I felt like I have to balance between work and life which took a toll on me to deal with all the crowd.

But now, my office desk is my bed and my canteen is my kitchen and all my roommates are my colleagues so what’s on the table is that when I wake up I am already in the office, which feels comforting in a way that I just slip into my rug without me even realizing.

This in turn allows me to move between my work and home multiple times a day in the split of a second. And whenever there is a lunch break, I go up to my canteen-” KITCHEN” and cook me a savory meal and can have it as fresh as it could be. I just love cooking and in this lockdown, I can have all my fun with cooking.

Although there might be a little rashan shortage, I like challenges, it feels like I am in a master chef India pressure test. But until now being my judge along with fellow judges, colleagues, I haven’t lost on a single meal. And as they say in master chef you are as good as your last meal.

So overall a winner so far, self-proclaimed but they don’t judge me, I am in isolation so who else I can turn to. I used to be sleep-deprived before, but now I get plenty of it and on the brighter side, I am high on this serotonin dose, but the darker side, I am a bit scared of losing my long lost love, whenever this lockdown will be pulled up I am sure I am going to miss all my affairs with my sweet sleep.

But when I am awake and not doing work or not cooking, 1.5 GB data feels damn short for my insurmountable boredom as no web series or movies can be binge-watched. So I end up using it all with some videos on YouTube but the content is not satisfying.

So all roads to lead to my loved ones – my brother, sister and parents, which I think is a blessing in these sad times as before all this I could only get time to spend with them while I am commuting, but now when I am in lockdown, I get to spend lots of quality time with them by video chatting for long hours and play LUDO-KING online with my siblings. This long lost quality time, which I found in these days will be missed from the bottom of my heart once the lockdown is removed.

To conclude, I am may sound a little over-optimistic, but let’s face it, if we have to come up as a winner over this pandemic, we need to make the best out of our effort to stay home as long as asked for by our beloved nation. And once it will be over we should take all precautions and safety measures to save others as well as ourselves.

This is my story, what is yours, tell me in comments.

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