Domestic Abuse : Meaning, Facts and available Helplines

When you think of domestic abuse.
What comes to your mind? Violence?

NO! It’s not just violence.

They don’t have to hit you, choke you or slam your head into a wall to be domestic abuse. They can degrade you or your feelings, humiliate you, blame you, lie to you, enforce their decisions on you, treat you like a puppet… It is still domestic abuse.

These narcissistic have an inflated sense of self-importance. What do they do!? Wait, I will tell you. They love to wound you inside out! They give you wounds that hurt more than a failure. They hurt you physically and emotionally. They try to cage you, drain you, bend you, break you, push you into the darkest and deepest corners of your life. Beats you down to nothing. They burry you under the empty cities of darkest shadows all around. There is no way you could frown and they still get under your nerves, as if it wasn’t enough.

They are hollow and aimless; they love to control and fears freedom. Mistaking fear for real power and captivity for devotion. Entirely lacking emotion. They are dead inside and wants to take you with them to the darkest times and bury you with them in a graveyard of lies.

What are you to a narcissist?

A bank. A sex toy. A punching bag. An ego prop. What are you not-and will never be is a meaningful human being. Would you let your wings desolate? Imagine yourself trapped inside a rusted cage…

What do you feel like now?

What you feel is – Life is not the same anymore. It’s worse every day. You wake up and cannot walk out of your bed as this constant fear walks in you. Suffering, stuttering in your sentences and life…

You try! You try really hard to fix this but this unshakeable connection between the conscience and buried memories. It chokes you every time. It’s when you are not able to breathe and nobody else is able to see.

It has drained you out of your identity and injected this fear, which crawls in your veins. You roam, trapped in your own head. You don’t even know who you are anymore.

It’s all faded; you cannot see clear, nothing is clear anymore. “Nothing.”
Fear is all you feel.
This voice inside your head, it tears you apart from limb to limb into shreds.
Your walls are closing; you are trapped inside this cage, which is your own head, it keeps on shrinking,
it’s cold in there you keep trembling and breaking.

Fear is all you feel, confusing what is real.
This suffering is endless, you fear!
It’s a storm rushing and storms devastate, but every time it hurts.
Fear is all you feel, fear is how you fall.
It’s haunting how you can’t seem to find yourself again.
You have tasted defeat at the feat of your demons. Now you are sick of losing yourself again and again.

How do you describe the word empty?

Try, No, wait! Let’s Just use your name to define it.
You don’t even know who you are anymore. You don’t understand why does all of it seem to be a game to others. You call out your name, hoping to find yourself again…

Let’s try again together now. Now! Is the time don’t zip up your mouth remember you were born without one. You are not an object nor a burden. You are the light that shines bright. Let’s turn wounds into wisdom. Let us stand against the narcissistic minds. One-step and you will realize how much this life has to offer. Let’s try together now or never! You are not alone in this; let us look up at some facts.

The Facts

  • 1 in 4 women and 1 in 7 men will experience domestic abuse1 in 20 children witness domestic abuse between parents
  • A woman will be assaulted an average of 35 times before seeking help
  • 2 women are killed each week from domestic abuse
  • Exposure to domestic abuse before the age of 4 can affect a children’s long-term life chances

Let’s take a step

  • Stop tolerating domestic abuse.
  • Contact someone in your family or police.
  • Contact helpline number, agencies, NGO’s like The Dash Charity  

Domestic Abuse Helping Sites

1. aims to help new India women break free of limitations, and disempowering thinking, get in her inner strength and achieve balance and harmony in all areas of life.

2. The Dash Charity (Domestic Abuse Stops Here) is a specialist service provider based in East Berkshire that supports domestic abuse victims in Windsor, Maidenhead, and Slough.

We are currently marking 40 years of service. We provide women, men, and children with temporary emergency accommodation, mental health support, and several specialist services.

3. SHEROES community is over a million members strong. SHEROES is a platform-centric model that helps connect businesses to women professionals. These include digital products, channel programs, hiring initiatives, employee branding, custom, and special projects. SHEROES is also an engagement platform for brand marketers, looking to engage with urban educated women. powers some of the largest diversity initiatives, channel programs, and returning professionals programs.

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