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Organ Donation – Gift Life After Death

Donating an organ to another person in need is the best humanitarian gesture one can make.

Save someone’s life is incomparable! You must feel proud that you are leaving this earth by giving life to this world. If someone donates organs means one is spreading happiness. Please do not let your precious organs go to waste. Bring happiness to the suffered families. And feel the pleasure of knowing that you would be making a difference even after your death.

Organ donation is the process when a person allows their organs to be removed and transplanted to another person !! Organs from one donor can save eight lives !!

Types of organ donation

1. Live Donation

This type of donation is the donation of a healthy organ from a living person.

  • One of 2 kidneys
  • One of 2 lobes of the liver
  • A lung or a part of the lung,
  • A part of the pancreas or a part of your intestine
  • Skin after surgeries such as abdominoplasty
  • Healthy cells from bone marrow and umbilical cord blood

The amniotic sac after childbirth, blood platelets and the body fluid that carries blood cells throughout your circulatory system!

These organs can be safely donated. Some organs, such as one of your kidneys and liver, can grow back.

You will need to undergo complete analysis before becoming a living donor. Living donors should be in good health and they should also not have or had any disease in the past like diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure, kidney disease, heart disease, etc.

2. Deceased organ donation

In this type of donation, the organ is received from a person who has been declared brain dead by a team of authorised doctors of a hospital!

A person is said to be brain dead when the irreversible loss of consciousness and absence of brain stem reflexes and no spontaneous respiration.

After brain death, organs should be transplanted between 48 to 72 hours, but early retrieval is always recommended.

Transplant should be carried out within the stipulated time.

  • Heart – within 4 to 5 hours.
  • Liver – 8 to 12 hours
  • Kidney – 12 to 15 hours.

Which Organs and Tissues Can Be Donated After Death?

Conditions at the time of death determine which organs can be donated after an examination. You can choose to donate whole body or specific organs and tissues. These 6 organs can be donated after death:

  1. Heart
  2. Liver
  3. Kidneys
  4. Lungs
  5. Pancreas
  6. Intestine

Tissues that can be donated after natural death include cornea, skin, heart valves, bones, ligaments.

What is the process of organ donation in India?

Pledging organ is a simple procedure!

  1. You can register yourself at any nearby organ donation centre or register online in these websites for organ donation such to :
  2. Once the registration form is submitted, an email alert will inform the user to logon to the site to generate a donor card!
  3. Print the donor card and keep it with you

Like I have registered myself with Mohan foundation for whole body donation. It’s a simple online process. You need to fill up a form. They will provide you a donor card.

Let me tell you one more thing. Registering is just a formality. Your family should know that you want to donate your organs. Their permission would be required. That is more important. Let your family know that you decided to be an organ donor, and request them to respect your last wish!

Organ donation awareness

Spread organ donation awareness. Organise awareness programs at schools, colleges, at your workplace or anywhere else.

India is struggling with an immense shortage of organs for transplantation!

There are few religious myths that people have that there is life after death and an incomplete body ( without organs ) would not let the soul rest in peace! However, there is nothing written as such anywhere in our religious books. Religious leaders can help in spreading awareness!

Importance of organ donation

Organ donation is essential in current days when organ failure is becoming so common. A few years back it was common in older people but nowadays even youth is also facing this problem because of changed trendy lifestyle.

Just attempt to walk with your eyes closed for a few steps. You will really understand the situation of a blind person. Donate your organs; there is nothing wrong with that!

When you would die, your family would probably donate your garments and other things. So why not do the same with your organs. You have no use for those organs when you are dead and your family also has no use for those organs.

Let us donate those organs for the benefit of needy people who have equal rights to live happily!!

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