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Sleeping Face

Ahh…. This lock down is just taking too much long to over. We get up, do household like dusting-mopping (pocha), daily course, eat meals, see television, and then comes the most interesting part – SLEEPING TIME. Yes, I know sleeping is the best. Can you imagine in these days the dream of many of us of sleeping long is coming true? It became so much true that now I think “boss that’s enough I am not at hibernation!”.

Yesterday we all were sleeping and only I was like the one rotten fish in the pond who was awake. Sometimes I turn left to see outside the window then I see the right side to have a look if my maa is awake or not. I don’t like her to sleep while I am awake and free. I turned right and saw the SLEEPING FACE of my mom. It was innocent like we all say sleeping face of everyone is innocent, but as I keep starring at her she changed her expression.

I thought she was asleep or maybe pretending to be asleep, damn confused I was. Suddenly from the hall comes the loud yawning sound if my aunts and my thoughts were disturbed. I resembled myself from that shock wave and concentrated on my mom’s SLEEPING FACE.

Her expression here was calm but sad. I thought she must be thinking of this pandemic brother of mine whom we named COVID 19. He is damn notorious I must say. Again, her expressions change their places this time I saw a little glimpse of harmony but a bit rage of anger in it. I thought she must be scolding him for his again notorious thing because he is harming everyone, everything.

Her expressions changed again but this time it is like calm, satisfied and it was like when a mother who is teaching her child that what is wrong and what is correct. I again thought that this must be the positive side of my brother’s mischief. Like if he is harming to everybody, he is doing good to nature. At least he is not harming.

Suddenly with great thunderclap her eyes opened, she came back to her real world. It was cloudy outside and again an example of nature balancing her self came to my memory book. With that thought, I see myself in the mirror and regretted that my brother made me also look fat. So just like mother nature we all have to keep our self-maintained and keep working on ourselves.

Friends this time of pandemic is difficult for all of us but remember folks, we all will rise together and will do good in our upcoming future. Just don’t panic and don’t do stupid things, these acts of our brothers whoever are doing might be correct in their sense but it a lead all of us to great danger. Kindly stay at home and be calm we all are going to rise from this war zone together.



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