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Drinking two cups of coffee a day would make you live longer

Consuming at least two cups of coffee a day can increase your life mortality. You heard it right, according to a new meta-analysis, it is observed that this habit would extend life expectancy by two years.

Science has been paying close attention to the deleterious or positive effects of caffeine on the body for many years. In 2017, a meta-analysis published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) revealed that the daily consumption of three to four cups of coffee could prevent the onset of certain cancers as well as cardiovascular pathologies such as diabetes.

This new meta-analysis published in The European Journal of Epidemiology leads to similar results. For this research, scientists have screened 40 studies on the link between coffee consumption and mortality, which brought together a total of 3,852,651 participants and 450,256 cases of death from all causes.

“Since aging, obesity and lifestyle factors influence the risk of mortality, the association between coffee and mortality must be examined in various sub-populations according to the characteristics of the participants”, specify the study authors.

Moderate coffee consumption of 2 to 4 cups per day has been associated with reduced mortality compared to no coffee consumption. The study also shows that the link between coffee and mortality was stronger in Europe and Asia than in the United States.

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