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Best Gas Hob Brand Models for Kitchen in India

Buying a new appliance is an onerous task. Market and internet are full of countless options. Everybody praises their own product and claims that it is the best gas hob brand in India. Innumerable designs and ever-changing technology muddle up your mind and you feel incapacitated to take the right decision. You feel even more bewildered if the appliance you are going to buy is an important equipment to do daily chores.

Gas hob stove is the first thing you want to replace when your old kitchen is getting renovated or new kitchen build-up is in progress. Searching for best gas hob for indian cooking is a prerequisite as it is the most frequently used appliance in every house. Moreover, Indian cooking demands some special and essential features in the appliance. If you are also willing to buy best built-in hob for Indian kitchen then here is complete buyer’s guide for you so that you can bring home latest technology kitchen gas hob.

Which is best built-up hob for kitchen in India?

First of all, you should know the types of kitchen hobs that are available in the market.

  • Induction hobs: It creates a magnetic field to heat the pan directly and provides highest level of safety in houses with little kids around.
  • Gas hobs: Modern version of traditional gas stoves.
  • Electric hobs: It uses traditional solid electric plates to heat pots/pans. These are easy to clean and are pocket friendly.
  • Domino hobs: These are available in induction or gas, and are suitable for small kitchens.

Thus, you can choose the best type of hob according to your budget, size of kitchen, frequency of food cooked and other resources available to you. However, most popular hobs in India are gas hobs as they have a good speed and are easy to use.

List of Top Models of Gas Hobs in India

1. Elica PRO FB MFC 4B 70 DX FFD (Elica Glass Hob 4 Brass Burner Hob)

Elica is one of the leading best hob brands in India. The model comes with a black glass body with full brass heavy duty multi-flame burners.

Elica Glass Hob 4 Brass Burner Hob

Elica 4 brass burners gas hob specification:

  • Dimensions – 700 x 525 x 123 mm (WxDxH)
  • Cutting dimensions – 645 x 475 x 55 mm (WxDxH)
  • Size – 70 cm
  • Grids – square
  • Burner power – 2 large burners of 4.0 kW each, 2 small burners of 1.5 kW each
  • Ignition type – Auto electric
  • Additional features – Flame Failure Safety Device (FFD), ignition plug with brass sleeve.
  • MRP – Rs 43,190

Flame Failure Device (FFD) cuts off gas supply automatically if the flame goes off.

Review of Elica Pro FB MFC 4 burner built-up in hob: Its premium quality black glass finish gives a modish look to your new kitchen. It has high quality knobs which are smooth to turn. It has heavy duty square grids to give tumble-free base to heavy pans and pots.

If you are looking for a stainless steel gas hob with similar advanced features, then you can buy Elica Inox RO FB MFC 4B 70 DX FFD model. MRP is Rs 43,990.

2. Elica Flexi Pro FB 3B 75 MT DX (Elica Glass Gas hob 3 Burners)

It is a beautiful black glass hob with full brass heavy duty multi-ring burners. Round metallic knobs give an elegant finish to the appliance.

Elica 3 Brass Burners Gas Hob Features:

  • Dimensions – 750 x 450 x 106 mm (WxDxH)
  • Cutting dimensions – 715 x 414 x 50 mm (WxDxH)
  • Size – 75 cm
  • Grid – Cast iron
  • Burners – 2 large burners of 2.5 kW each, 1 small burner of 1.5 kW
  • Ignition type – Auto Electric
  • MRP – Rs 29,790

Review of Elica Flexi Pro FB 3B 75 MT DX: It comes with a luxurious finish which gives a royal look to your kitchen. It comes with round-shaped metallic knobs. Cast iron grid matt enameling gives complete support to the utensils and prevents the grid from rust.

Four burners glass gas hob is also available with similar features with model name ‘Flexi Pro FB 4B 70 MT DX’ and MRP Rs. 32,690. It is undoubtedly a best gas hob in India.

3. Prestige Gold Hob top 4 Burner Al-PHTG 04 (E-series)

This Prestige 4 Burner gas hob top is an e-Hobtop gold series version of the company. It comes with ultra slim body and gracefully designed SCHOTT glass top of German technology with lifetime warranty. Brass burners and components are from SABAF Italy which makes it a world-class appliance and best hob top in India.

Prestige 4 Burner gas hob top

Prestige 4 burner glass gas hob specifications:

  • Grid – Cast iron pan support
  • Ignition type – One touch advanced auto ignition
  • Additional features – Convertible design, digital display with auto flame cut-off, advanced Flame Failure Device (FFD).
  • MRP – Rs. 31,995

Prestige 3 burner gold series glass gas hob top is also available in the market with similar features. Model name is ‘Gold Hob top LP Gas Table PHTG-03 (E-series). MRP is Rs. 26,495.

Review of Prestige 3 burner and 4 burner e-hob top: It is a low-budget gas hob top stove with advanced features. Ultra slim powder-coated body and SCHOTT glass give it an elegant look. Autoignition, auto flame cut-off and advanced flame failure device are all you can expect from a best gas stove in India.

4. Kaff FBB 604 hob (Kaff low price 4 burner built-in hob)

Kaff is the most renowned and best hob brand in India. It offers appliances in various price brackets- from low-budget built-in hob to hobs with advanced features, which makes decision-making easier for the buyer.

Kaff FBB 604 is a low price 4 brass burner hob for quality lovers. It has a beveled black tempered glass and stainless steel drip tray. Metal knobs are smooth to touch and turn.

Kaff FBB-604 Hob

Kaff 4 brass burner hob features:

  • Dimensions – 600 x 510 mm
  • Inner cutting size – 555 x 475 mm
  • Size – 60 cm
  • Ignition type – Auto electric
  • Burner – 2 large size brass burners with triple ring & power 3.0 kW each, 2 small size brass burners with dual ring & power 1.5 kW each.
  • MRP – Rs. 28,990 (price less than Rs. 20,000 at many online websites)

Review of Kaff 4 burner hob (FBB 604): Bevelled black tempered glass and stainless steel drip tray helps in easy maintenance and cleaning of the appliance. Metal knobs provide a comfortable, easy and complete grip. Brass burners render full efficiency to the appliance, thus making it a best gas hob stove in India in low budget.

Kaff 3 burner hob model (FBB 603 and FBB 783): Triple burner hob model is available with similar features for MRP Rs. 23,990. It comes with one large size brass burner with triple ring (3.0 kW) and two small size brass burners with dual ring (1.5 kW). If you want Kaff 3 brass burners hob with same features but with 2 large burners and one small burner, then go for Kaff FBB 783 which has MRP Rs. 27,990.

5. Kaff top model built-in hob (Model- BLH-F-100, BLH-F 804 & MSM 104)

Your luxurious kitchen needs a luxury hob. This Kaff high range best 4 burner hob in India is undoubtedly a luxury in itself. It comes with decorative stainless steel molded strip on all sides for edge protection. 8mm thick white tempered glass gives it a sophisticated yet splendor glance.

Kaff Bellini-F Series BLH-F-100 WH (Built-in hob)

Kaff BLH-F-100 WH specifications

  • Dimensions – 1005 x 380 mm
  • Inner cutting size – 862 x 322 mm
  • Size – 100 cm
  • Ignition type – Auto electric
  • Burners – 1 extra large size brass burner (triple ring burner with FFD), 1 large brass burner (mini ring burner) and 2 small size brass burners (dual ring)
  • Grid – Heavy duty cast iron pan support
  • Additional features – Flame Failure Device
  • MRP – Rs. 52, 990

Review of Kaff high range top model hob: This hob range doesn’t need any review, especially when it comes from best hob brand in the world. Full brass high-efficiency burners, FFD features, ergonomic metal knobs, heavy duty cast iron pan support especially (designed for Indian cooking) with integrated flame protector and 8 mm thick premium frosted glass makes it an unquestionably complete appliance. If you have a big budget for your kitchen, you must buy it without any second thought.

You can get same product with black tempered glass for MRP Rs. 47,990 (Model- BLM-F 100 BLK).

With a little variation in dimensions, you have comparatively lower price Kaff hob models available in Indian market. Kaff white tempered glass hob (Model BLH-F 804 WHT) comes for MRP Rs. 44,990 and black tempered glass hob (Model BLH-F 804 BLK) comes for Rs. 42,990 only.

Kaff Bellini-F Series BLH-F-804 WHT (Built-in hob)

These BLH-F 804 models have three extra features as mentioned below:

  • Brass burner caps coated in black plus brass flame spreader.
  • SS Drip tray
  • Front control with metal knob
  • Size- 80 cm
  • Dimensions- 804 x 530 mm
  • Inner dimensions- 705 x 475 mm

On the contrary, if you have willingness and ability to spend even more for your royal kitchen space, then you should buy Kaff’s best top range high-price hob. It comes with 8 mm thick premium frosted black glass and decorative SS molded strip on all sides for edge protection. Ergonomic designer metal knobs give a 5-star look to the appliance.

Kaff Massimo Series MSM-104 (4 burners gas hob)

Kaff MSM 104 features:

  • Dimensions – 1000 x 380 mm
  • Inner cutting size – 865 x 325 mm
  • Size – 100 cm
  • Burners – 4 full brass high efficiency burners with FFD. One extra large size burner with triple ring, one mini triple ring burner and 2 small burners with dual ring
  • Ignition type – Auto electric
  • Grid – Heavy duty cast iron pan support with integrated flame protector
  • Additional features – Flame Failure Device for all 4 burners, brass flame spreader, brass burner caps coated in black with embossed insignia
  • MRP – Rs. 54,990

All these premium features are available in 3 burners Kaff gas hob and 5 burners Kaff gas hob as well (Model MSM 783 for MRP Rs. 41,990 and Model MSM 865 for MRP Rs. 56,990, respectively).

6. Kaff KH100 4BG (Kaff medium price range built-in hob)

This model is a perfect choice for those who don’t want to compromise on quality and features, but are looking for a best budget friendly hob in India with high standards. 8 mm thick black tempered glass, diamond cut tapered front glass and ergonomic easy grip metal knobs give a royal look to the kitchen without hurting your pocket.

Kaff mid price range 4 burner hob KH100 4BG specifications:

  • Dimensions – 1005 x 380 mm
  • Inner cutting size – 862 x 322 mm
  • Size – 100 cm
  • Ignition type – Auto electric
  • Burners – 2 heavy duty triple ring burners and 2 dual ring burners
  • Grid – Heavy duty cast iron pan support
  • MRP – Rs. 39,990 (Price less than Rs. 32,000 at many online stores).

Reviews of KH100 4BG 4 burner hob with average price: It is a complete pack with a reasonable price tag. Powerful brass burners and heavy duty cast iron pan support makes Indian cooking easier. It beguiles the viewers with its royal looks. SS drip tray makes cleaning easier.

7. Glen gas hobs (Glen 4 burner built-in gas hob with SS frame 1074 in BW)

Glen is another leading and best gas hob stove brand in India. It comes with Glen 3 burner gas hobs and 4 burner hobs. Here is the best model of Glen gas hob stove. The unique feature of this model is that you don’t need to cut out your kitchen slab as Glen 4 burner built-in gas hob comes with a frame made up of stainless steel. Thus it can simply be placed as a counter-top. If you want to use it as a built-in hob, simply remove its legs and SS frame. It comes with 8 mm thick toughened glass with 5 years warranty on it.

Glen glass gas hob specifications:

  • Dimensions – 770 x 510 mm (W x D)
  • Cutting dimensions – 723 x 474 mm (W x D)
  • Grid – Cast iron support
  • Burner – 4 Italian double ring burner especially designed for Indian cooking; 2 big size burners and 2 small size burners of 3.19 kW and 2.46 kW respectively.
  • Ignition type – Multi spark 1.5v integrated auto ignition
  • Additional features – can also be used as a free standing gas stove, high precision gas walls for complete safety for – no low flame, no sim off
  • MRP – Rs. 21,995

All these features are available in Glen 3-burners glass hob as well for Rs. 18,995 (Model- Glen 3 burner built in glass hob with SS frame 1073 in BW).

Review of Glen gas hob stove: The model comes with scratch resistant glass top. Strong cast iron enameled pan support provides proper support to large and heavy pots and pans. Alloy knobs are smooth to operate and give a firm grip. It is bevelled from all sides which provides a leak-free and hassle-free easy cleaning of the appliance. The USP of this model is that you can use this built-in hob as cooktop as well.

8. Faber built-in gas hobs (Model-Europa series)

Faber is a well known synonym of quality and best gas stove brand in India. Europa 763 DT BR CIS BK and Europa 764 DT BR CIS BK are the best top models of gas stoves in India with 3 burners and 4 burners respectively. Toughened black glass finish and additional features make it a world class appliance. Check out these specifications if you are willing to buy best high class Faber gas hob in India.

Faber 3 and 4 burners hob cooktop specifications:

  • Dimensions – 760 x 510 x 130 mm (L x W x H)
  • Granite cutting dimensions – 640 x 480 x 50 mm (L x W x H)
  • Size – 76 cm
  • Burners – 3 top burners- One 5 kW multi flame burner, one 1.75 kW medium burner and one 3.5kW triple ring burner. 4 burner top has 1kW small burner additionally.
  • Ignition type – Auto ignition
  • Grid – Cast iron support
  • Additional features – Flame Failure Device, digital timer auto gas cut off
  • MRP – Rs. 49,990 for 3 burner top, Rs. 54,990 for 4 burner top

Review of Faber kitchen Europa hob model – This Faber top model is the only appliance your luxurious kitchen deserves. Its stylish and advanced features give a complete posh appearance to your kitchen. It is easy to clean and maintain. Autoignition, digital timer, FFD and cast iron support makes cooking hassle-free and even more interesting.

If you have a large joint family and are looking for 5 burners built-in hob, then Faber 5 burner gas hob (Model- Europa 905 DT BR CIS BK) is the most recommended option. It comes with all the special features as mentioned above. Burners and dimensions specifications are:

  • Dimensions – 860 x 510 x 130 mm (L x W x H)
  • Granite cut dimensions – 827 x 485 x 50 mm (L x W x H)
  • Size – 86 cm
  • Burners- One 5 kW multi flame burner, one 3.5 kW triple ring burner, two 1.75 kW medium burner and 1kW small burner
  • MRP- Rs. 59,990

If you are looking for a best black glass gas hob at a reasonable price, then Imperia Plus and Nexus are good series range from Faber. They come with 3,4 & 5 brass burners. The price range of these gas appliances is Rs. 30,000 approximately. They come with an excellent look and performance but lack additional features in them.

9. Bosch built-in gas hob (Model- POH6B6B10I and PCS9A5C90I)

Bosch is like a leader of kitchen appliances and has its own name as a best gas hob brand in India. It offers exclusive variety of hobs between the price range of Rs. 22,000 and Rs. 1, 38,000 in India. POH6B6B10I is an elegant model with high performance and safety features. Its side-mounted sword control knobs add a WOW factor to its looks.

Bosch black tempered glass 4 burners gas hob specifications:

  • Dimensions – 590 x 520 x 45 mm
  • Grid – Steel single square cornered pan support
  • Ignition type – Single handed ignition via control knobs
  • Burners – 4 burners of 3.3 kW, 1.7 kW, 1700 W and 1000 W
  • Additional features – Flame Failure safety device, wok burner, electromagnetic safety device for each burner
  • MRP – Rs. 26,000

Review of Bosch black tempered glass hob: This model is low on pocket and high on features and glance. Its side-mounted sword control knobs give it a distinguished appearance. Powerful burners, electromagnetic safety device for each burner, FFD and steel single square cornered pan support make this model a must-buy option.

Another stunning model of stainless steel Bosch gas hob stove is PCS9A5C90I. It is a stainless steel 5-burners gas hob with nine precisely defined power levels.

Bosch 5-burners gas hob features:

  • Dimensions – 915 x 520 x 45 mm (W x D x H)
  • Grid – Elongated cast iron pan support
  • Burners – 5 burners of 5000 W, 3000 W, 1750 W x 2 and 1000 W
  • Additional features – Step flame technology, flame failure device, electromagnetic safety device for each burner
  • MRP – Rs. 65,200

Review of Bosch SS Gas hob: This model has elegant surface of stainless steel which gives it a sparkling look. Unique Flame select feature allows the user to precisely adjust the flame size with nine defined power levels, thus cooking perfect and yummy dishes effortlessly. Sword control knobs give a firm grip. Its cast-iron pan support is dishwasher proof which makes cleaning easier. You can bring it into your lavish kitchen without any second thought.

10. Siemens iQ500

Siemens is another top 10 best built-in hobs brand in India. iQ500 is a splendid yet sturdy model with all new latest features. It gives you the option to choose between tempered glass and stainless steel body. Big families looking for 4 burners and 5 burners hobs should check out these key specifications of iQ500 gas hobs.

Siemens 4 burners hob features:

  • Dimensions- 45 x 582 x 520 mm (HxWxD)
  • Inner size- 45 x 560-562 x 480-492 mm (HxWxD)
  • Size- 60 cm
  • Burners- one wok burner of 3500 W, 2 burners of 1750 W and 1 burner of 1000 W
  • Grid- Cast iron with rubber feet single (in glass hob model)
  • MRP- Rs. 51,000 for SS burner hob, Rs. 61,990 for glass hob.
  • Additional features- Sword control knobs, stepFlame technology, dishwasher- friendly cash iron pan support, Flame failure safety device, wok burner, easy to clean, nine different flame steps.

Siemens 5 burner stainless steel and glass hobs have almost similar features. Physical specifications are:

  • Dimensions – 45 x 915 x 520 mm (HxWxD)
  • Inner size – 45 x 850-852 x 490-502 mm (HxWxD)
  • Size – 90 cm
  • Burners – One wok burner of 5000 W (4000 W in case of glass hob), one high-speed burner of 3000 W, two burners of 1750 W, and one economy burner of 1000 W.
  • MRP – Rs.92,490 for 5 burner glass hob and Rs. 89,990 for SS hob cooktop.

Review of Siemens hob cooktop: Whether glass surface or stainless steel surface, Siemens has done pure justice with the look and the quality. Tempered glass hob comes with a modern hard glass surface which is extremely heat resistant and easier to maintain. Similarly, SS glass hobs have magnificent stainless steel surface. Nine different flame levels provide accurate control over heat. This high-engineering gas hob definitely deserves a place upon your beauteous kitchen countertop.

So which gas hob top model appealed you the most? Do you still prefer a traditional gas cooktop over a gas hob stove? Tell us your preferences and opinions in the comment section below. Happy and gorgeous cooking.

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