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How to Create Interesting Videos to Post on Social Media

Videos have gained popularity as a great way to communicate and engage. Social media platforms have become platforms on the internet that are pretty useful for the popularity of videos, including the individuals who are the brains behind the videos. Many content creators start with videos because of their effectiveness in generating engagement quickly.

A specific set of tactics must be implemented to create an engaging video that will attract lots of views and engagement. Many well-known content creators on social media platforms are comfortable using online video editors for their videos. Especially? With the right editing tools and features, you’ll be able to create engaging videos with minimal effort instantly.

Initially, some content creators found some problems creating engaging videos for their viewers. However, consistency and having the right knowledge will help you get used to making great videos. Keeping this in mind, in this article, you will be able to understand the fine details of creating an engaging video by following the detailed step-by-step procedure for social media handles.

Methods to follow to create engaging videos

1. Brainstorm creative ideas

First thing on your video-making agenda, you should brainstorm as many ideas as possible for a potential video. You may find the right one after many phases of brainstorming and will have plenty of leftover ideas to use in future videos. Let’s break it down with an example: If you have an online blog, you can see the posts with maximum engagement. You can convert the blog to video by describing the content more precisely through visuals.

By doing so, you’re sure to get lots of views and engagement for your videos. If you’re looking for another way to implement the above, you can do a little homework. This requires you to study frequently shared content, browse trending content on social media, and the most talked about topics.

In cases where the blog with the most engagement doesn’t appear at the top of your website, many online tools can help with this problem. Buzzsumo is one of those tools that will help you find the most shared posts from your blog. It also helps you categorize posts based on social media platforms, which benefits many content creators.

Some general ideas for generating engagement include tips, tutorials, brand testimonials, and special events. Behind-the-scenes imagery, product launches, article listings, and crowd-sourced content are also mentioned quite frequently. You can try and incorporate these ideas into videos to help get more reach.

2. Check out popular videos from other brands

If you want to stand out in the video aspect of your content, you should follow popular videos made by similar brands. This way, you’ll know what your audience will like, and you’ll be able to put out content they’ll relate directly to. Did you know that Facebook has a feature where people can view pages to watch? This will show them some of the most popular pages and their engagement rate.

To do so, you must browse Facebook and go to the insight options to view the page and watch. You will get access to the week’s top posts, which might inspire video ideas.

3. Start planning the ins and outs of the video

After the entire brainstorming process is complete, you have to plan how the video will appear. The best way to do this is to script the entire video. To produce a better plot, you can even create storyboards, which will help you shoot continuously and smoothly. To familiarize yourself with storyboards, you can browse some popular guides online.

Furthermore, certain aspects help the video reach a wider audience. The promos are quite popular. You can start by launching promos with just the first few seconds of the video to help attract viewers early on. You should keep the message you want to communicate simply, and an uncomplicated message will calm the audience and captivate them.

Design a script for a silent video if you don’t want to continue with the promo idea. What makes this a better alternative? Most people spend time on social media while taking a break from work or traveling. People tend to silence videos, rendering audio useless. If you must include sound, especially dialogue, you can include subtitles.

You can work with different sizes to make videos compatible with your phone screen. Most of the time, the phone is held in portrait mode, so the proportions of videos that match the size will outperform those in landscape mode. The length of the video, which should be kept short and simple, is another 、important aspect. Long videos drive lower engagement because social media users’ attention spans are better suited to shorter videos.

4. Record quality content

Once smartphones were introduced into the market, creating videos did not require any hassle or equipment. For example, smartphones are much more practical when shooting videos on the go, especially since they fit in your pocket! You can amplify your equipment by investing in a tripod, a portable microphone, and perhaps a good light source like a ring light, which is versatile.

A tripod will bring stability to the shooting process, which will eliminate all possible distractions that can be caused without a tripod. The microphone will help with the sound quality and will suppress noise interference. A simple background is, by far, the most appreciated as it prevents distractions from the main content. You can even change the background while editing if you don’t find a match.

5. Editing recorded video clips

It’s important to edit the video after you’ve finished recording it. Even for this, you don’t need any fancy equipment or devices. Several tools do the job of an online video editor, and the best include:

  • Animoto: Animoto helps users combine video clips, images, audio clips, and text to create video slideshows. This helps them create the best and most interesting videos with minimal time and effort.
  • Quik: Quik lets you edit videos quickly and in a simple way and is compatible with both Android and iOS. Quik automatically adds special effects, highlights, transitions, audio, and more, if you provide video clips and photos. Once this process is complete, you can adjust the rest based on your own preferences.
  • FlexClip: FlexClip is one of the best platforms for beginners to do quick and easy video editing. You can add fancy text, animations and overlays to polish your videos. Moreover, it is totally free.

6. Share and promote the video.

The final process for uploading a video that will attract a lot of engagement is to share it. There are several ways to share videos on social media accounts. One of the best ways to do this is to use ‘Customized Posts’ by With this tool, you can set up a schedule to post videos on various social media platforms. You can post the same video on all platforms or post different videos on different social media profiles.

To use the Tailored Posts feature, you must use the Buffer browser extension for any website. Once you’ve done that, you’ll need to select a social media profile where to post the video, update a copy of the video, and then upload it. Finally, you have to click on the ‘Add to queue button, after which the video will be queued on various social media profiles.

Final Thoughts

Video has become a proven source for generating engagement on various social media platforms. Creating creative videos is a simple procedure if you remember the basic framework: brainstorming, planning, recording, editing, and sharing. As advanced technology is available at our convenience, a huge burden is shifted from content creators, making it possible to create videos every day.


Follow the step-by-step procedure above to create engaging videos with minimal effort instantly. You also have to be patient and consistent to get very good results because this is a long process and requires one to be focused and calm.

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