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Why you shouldn’t keep eggs on the refrigerator door?

In order for chicken eggs to retain their freshness for a long time, you need to know how to store them correctly. According to British scientists, the worst place to store eggs is the refrigerator door. The constant movement and currents of warm air will shorten the shelf life of the eggs. In addition, according to culinary experts, constant shaking will thin the egg whites.

How and how long can eggs be stored in the refrigerator?

Store eggs in the refrigerator in the fruit and vegetable drawer. This is the coldest and wettest place in the refrigerator. Eggs can also be stored on the middle shelf where the temperature is kept constant.

The optimum temperature for storing eggs in the refrigerator is 1-2 ° C. If the eggs are store bought, do not refrigerate them for more than 1 month. Fresh homemade eggs can be stored for about 3 months.

Eggs are best stored in boxes, away from strong-smelling foods, as they easily pick up odors.

Can eggs be stored at room temperature?

Chicken eggs can be stored without a refrigerator for no more than seven days, canteens – up to 25 days, and washed eggs – no more than 12 days. The room temperature should not be higher than 20 degrees. In this case, the relative humidity should be at the level of 70-85%.

How to test if Eggs are alright and fit to consume

The simplest tried-and-true method to check if an egg is fit to consume is to perform water test of it. Take a bowl of water and put the egg into it and observe the following 3 conditions :

  1. If the egg lay down at the bottom on it’s side, it means the Egg is still fresh.
  2. If the egg lay upside down on it’s bottom, it means the Egg is still fresh, but to be consumed very soon.
  3. The last condition would be if your Eggs float in the bowl and remains up. This is a suicide egg and is Not fresh to eat.

This is because the shell of egg is very porous, which means air passes through time. And more the air passes the more unfit your Eggs will be.


Read more facts about eggs, what experts say about it here,5753,-26086,00.html

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